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Are we running towards something, or are we running from something? Often, the answer is both. Sometimes it takes a journey to finally reconnect with ourselves and have the space in order to process our innermost demons. It is often not until we are finally alone, that we are faced with the task of truly processing our past and learning who we are to our innermost core.

In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Tori and Omar discuss her cross country road trip. Tori talks about what led her to decide to live out of her car and travel around the country. She also shares the lessons she has learned so far, and the beauty of being truly alone. The group chimes in with their own personal experiences of travel, and how disconnection of all sorts has changed their lives as well. Tune in, to hear about Tori’s life changing decision and how running away can lead us towards our deepest truths and empowerment.

In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast:

  • [1:07] Tori shares what the first five days of her cross-country road trip has been like.

  • [6:30] Omar and Tori discuss what it has been like for Tori to be forced to be alone with herself.

  • [8:60] Tori discusses what pushed her to make the life changing decision to live out of her car and travel across the country.

  • [11:57] Patrick asks Tori if the trip has met her expectations.

  • [18:25] Tori and Omar discuss the idea of running toward the person she has always wanted to become, instead of running from something.

  • [21:18] Ted shares his experiences traveling alone as a young man.

  • [34:23] Omar reflects on his own journey moving to a new place as a young adult.

  • [43:13] Processing changes in relationships while alone and in safety.

  • [48:41] How nature brings enlightenment and connection.

  • [52:47] Paul discusses his weight loss journey and how his lack of connection to the internet helped him through his process.

  • [59:44] The group shares their final thoughts on today’s coaching call.

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