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Omar Pinto is a Life Transformation Coach, Addiction Recovery Specialist and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Omar impacts and transforms people’s lives daily through my podcast, thriving Facebook communities and coaching platforms. For coaching with Omar, click the "1 on 1 Coaching" link in the main menu.

When Vulnerability and Trauma Collide

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Most of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lifetime, which can be a one-time event such as a car accident, or repeated trauma that occurs for months or years. However for many, trauma is deeply rooted in childhood events. While throughout life we become physically and psychologically vulnerable, those who have experienced trauma can equate being emotionally vulnerable as a threat to our safety and security. Holding tightly onto control, the fear of emotional exposure brings up feelings that we may not be willing to face. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, the group helped Sara. She [...]

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Letting Go of Perfectionism and Unrealistic Expectations

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Some of us who have rigid standards and don’t adapt well to change can throw around the word “control freak”. Where does this behavior stem from? The idea of being in control means you can set benchmarks, tasks, objectives and unrealistic expectations of yourself. However, with unrealistic expectations comes the idea of striving for perfection, and what closely follows behind is failure.  In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, the group helped Tori. Struggling with letting go of her perfectionistic ways; her unrealistic expectations of herself have created opportunities to fail and not accept responsibility. By playing the role of the [...]

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Releasing the Role of the Peacekeeper and the Rescuer

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Addiction is a family disease, and each person in the family is affected. When someone struggles with substance use disorder the equilibrium of the entire family is thrown off. Anger turns into hurt, which can turn into bitterness, and broken promises turn into lies.. But what happens when the person becomes sober and begins to see the miracles of recovery? In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, the group helped Kellie. After a period of sobriety, Kellie relapsed during a family event and has yet to address the behavior between herself and her family. With a riff between herself and her [...]

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The Pain of NOT Fulfilling Our Purpose

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Why is it that so many of us on the path of recovery find ourselves reverting back to old ways without even realizing how we got there, ultimately not fulfilling our purpose. The chaos can be comfortable, self-destruction can be familiar, and it’s what we know. In addiction, we may have felt that our negative consequences were justified by our bad behavior. We deserved the misery. We deserved the pain. We deserved to be miserable, alone, and afraid.  When we enter the world of recovery, we don’t just stop thinking this way. It takes time. When we get overwhelmed with life [...]

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The Secondary Benefits of Holding Onto Negativity

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher If you’ve suffered from addiction, trauma, or have been hurt and betrayed, an automatic and natural response to feel bitter, distrust, anger, or resentment. However, when we hold onto the negativity, hurts and fail to heal, they can manifest in other areas of our life, keeping us stuck and providing secondary gains to benefit us or protect us in some way. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, the group helped Kris. With 13 days sober, Kris is resentful and bitter towards her husband, and believes they have grown apart. With trust issues from childhood trauma, the group helps Kris discover [...]

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Foreboding Joy

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher What would happen if you stopped carrying the weight of the guilt and shame of your past?  Would you feel happier, self-sabotage less? Would you allow yourself to be joyful with no expectations?  For those who have experienced hurt, betrayal, and loss, there’s a deep understanding of what it means to have your joy taken from you in a split second. When you allow yourself to feel joy, the aftereffects of these events create a foreboding sense of unease, irritation, unworthiness, and anger out of fear the other shoe is going to drop or something bad may happen.  In this week’s [...]

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Managing Expectations

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Do you struggle with self-judgment and feeling responsible for other people’s successes or failures? It is important to understand that you can only do the work for yourself and guide others to follow you to the light. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Leo shares his struggles with self-judgment about other people’s failures and successes. The group also helps Shannon who shares her struggles with personal and family issues and how they’re impacting her life. Listen in to learn the importance of listening to your intuition to understand everything you need to about yourself and managing expectations of others around [...]

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Facing The Fear of Disappointing Others

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher It’s normal to care about what others think and worry about how our decisions will impact them, but once we allow the fear of disappointment to take over, we’re simply hitting our own head against the wall.  Somewhere along the way, we’ve seemed to glorify this fear to mean that we care. However, the fear of disappointing others can be a powerful negative emotion that can eat away at our happiness, our passions, and even create resentment. In this week’s Recovery Coaching Call, the group helped Corey. Going back to work after time unemployed, she’s taken a new job that requires [...]

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Healing The Trauma From Our Loved Ones

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Do you often feel the need for acknowledgment and acceptance from the people you love? It is sometimes better to accept that it may never happen and that you have to heal and start finding that acceptance within yourself.  In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Omar has a coaching session and primarily speaks with Carrie, who has a toxic and hurt relationship with her father. Carrie shares the type of relationship she’s had with her dad over the years and processes where her hurt feelings are coming from.  Listen in to learn the importance of forgiving yourself from the way [...]

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Benefits of Breathwork Meditation

Imagine if there was a way to turn off stress and reverse the damage it causes. Something you could take with you and use anywhere and anytime. A tool to help you heal - body, mind, and spirit - and build a better life. By restoring the connection between your body and mind, breathwork meditation can take you inward to address your struggles at the root. So you can live more fully, and break out of old, negative patterns. We know one of the best things we can do for our overall health is to reduce stress. But it can be tough to know where you should start. And doing [...]

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