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Omar Pinto is a Life Transformation Coach, Addiction Recovery Specialist and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Omar impacts and transforms people’s lives daily through my podcast, thriving Facebook communities and coaching platforms. For coaching with Omar, click the "1 on 1 Coaching" link in the main menu.

OPC 78: Is it OK to Recognize my Own Success and Accomplishments

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Self love is the biggest gift that we can give ourselves. We can often find ourselves looking for love from anywhere, but from ourselves. We try to seek validation from our partners, our jobs, society, parents, and many other outlets. Unfortunately most of the places we turn to are incapable of offering us complete approval and unconditional love. We find that the void simply cannot be filled, until we finally accept that the unconditional love we seek can only come from within ourselves. This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, starts with Omar and Patrick’s discussion on how to navigate Patrick’s one [...]

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OPC 77: Self-Awareness & Recognizing Our Own Limits

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Growth and change can be difficult. Most, if not all, people find change to be extremely uncomfortable, but it is a necessary evil in order to continue on the self-development journey. Ironically, we can often feel the change coming. Before major growth we usually feel restless, irritable, and discontent. This is the time when meditation and connection becomes extremely important. We have to reconnect with our truest intention and purpose in order to manifest the positive change that we need to make in order to keep growing. This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, features Omar’s interview with Chase Tolleson on Chase’s [...]

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OPC 76: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Coping Strategies

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Substance abuse is often used as a coping mechanism. Addiction distracts and numbs painful emotions that we experience in life. Unfortunately, addiction is not a long-term solution for distressing emotions. Replacing unhealthy coping skills with healthy coping skills is one of the most important skills that should be learned in early recovery. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Omar explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping skills. He explains the importance of finding realistic solutions in order to process distressing emotions. The group and Omar walk through the coping skills that can be used in different difficult scenarios.  Listen [...]

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OPC 75: The Power of Choice With Jolenny Piedra

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Humans are unique in the fact that we are blessed with freewill. Free will is both a blessing and a curse, since it gives us the power of choice. Making choices can be a difficult process. We can be influenced by those around us, the information we consume, or the research that we look into. We can also become obsessed with making the “wrong or right” choice. If we begin to make choices that are in alignment with our true vision for ourselves, then we break free from others' expectations and there is no longer a wrong choice. Today, Omar introduces [...]

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OPC 74: Setting Yourself Up for Pain and Disappointment

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher One of the biggest things we can do to create resentments is to have expectations. The most common individuals that we place expectations on are our loved ones and family members. We often idealize, hope for, or expect our family members to act in a way in which they are incapable of doing. Even if we have seen that they are unable to meet our expectations, we still have them. These types of false expectations only cause us harm. Once we release our expectations and see the relationship with clarity, we can begin to achieve emotional freedom from the attachment. In [...]

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OPC 73: When I Serve, I Sell with Chase Tolleson

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Today, Omar Pinto welcomes Chase Tolleson. Chase is a men's life and fitness coach and his Primal Man Pathway Program helps men finally become proud of the man in the mirror - both on the inside and out. With fitness as a staple in his house growing up, Chase learned the value of daily movement and resistance training at an early age. Directionless and bored in school, Chase joined the Navy after four years of "trying" college. After the Navy he found his passion in helping people and ran a boutique personal training gym for 8 years. He now serves men [...]

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OPC 72: Road Tripping with Tori Skeen

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Are we running towards something, or are we running from something? Often, the answer is both. Sometimes it takes a journey to finally reconnect with ourselves and have the space in order to process our innermost demons. It is often not until we are finally alone, that we are faced with the task of truly processing our past and learning who we are to our innermost core. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Tori and Omar discuss her cross country road trip. Tori talks about what led her to decide to live out of her car and travel around the [...]

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OPC 71: Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit with Brooks Meadows

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Becoming an entrepreneur can be a scary process. There is comfort and security within staying in a corporate environment. Sometimes though we can find ourselves unfulfilled from working in the classic nine to five job. We may feel the push towards breaking free and starting our own business. It is important to understand how to harness that energy in order to successfully manifest your dreams.  Finding and nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit is not an overnight process. Today in the Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Omar and Brooks Meadows discuss their entrepreneurship journeys. Brooks is the co-founder of Chop Club for Men, a [...]

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OPC 70: Recognizing Red Flags when Taking on a New Job

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher A career change is an extremely difficult process. While it is necessary to make a living, it is also important to trust your intuition and find the right career path. It can be conflicting when trying to determine red flags at a new job. We often can question our own judgment, but it is vital that we listen to our inner voice when making career based decisions. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, we have Samantha, she discusses the current internal conflict that she is having with a new job. Omar helps Samantha determine whether or not the red flags [...]

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OPC 069: Becoming a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Today, Omar introduces us to Dave Robinson. Dave specializes in storywork. Storywork is the process of reshaping both our internal and external belief systems through writing, breathwork, and productive language. Storywork is a four-step process that helps individuals let go of the negative emotions that are connected to past traumas. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Dave and Omar discuss the process of Storywork. Dave shares how he was introduced to this methodology and the transformation that occurred when he implemented it into his own life. Tune in to learn more about overcoming negative internal dialogue and the power processing [...]

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