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If you choose to be a parent, then raising your children is one of the most important jobs that you have, but it is also one of the hardest. Family dynamics can be complicated, but it is vital that we don’t pass along our generational trauma. Having the awareness to not repeat negative patterns in our parenting will help our children grow and thrive. As we deal with our own childhood, we simultaneously become better parents.  

This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, features Omar’s interview with Sterna Suissa. Sterna Suissa is a parent coach. She focuses on helping parents develop deep emotional connections with their children. The work that she does with parents enables them to foster a calm and loving home where your children can thrive. In this interview, Sterna and Omar discuss the importance of dealing with your own childhood issues in order to break generational trauma. Tune in to learn how to make sure your children feel seen and heard, how to cope with generational trauma, and how to create a loving and healthy home for your children. Listen now!

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [4:38] Sterna discusses the factors that go into having a large family.
  • [7:58] A child’s need to be seen and heard and how having that need unfulfilled can affect them in adulthood.
  • [11:15] Generational trauma and the importance of boundaries in family relationships.
  • [17:51] How to see and accept who your parents are and the importance of having compassion for them.
  • [21:08] Sterna discusses how she became a coach for parents.
  • [31:25] Serna’s advice on how to incorporate religion into parenting and the importance of not shaming your children.
  • [33:50] Omar and Sterna discuss the impact of childhood trauma.
  • [39:01] How to reparent ourselves in the ways we never recieved from our parents growing up.
  • [41:25] The ways in which we can own our behaviors as parents and take action to change them.
  • [50:44] How to hold space for our children and practical techniques for healthy parenting.
  • [58:23] Sterna lets us know how to connect with her and shares her final thoughts!

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