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Becoming an entrepreneur can be a scary process. There is comfort and security within staying in a corporate environment. Sometimes though we can find ourselves unfulfilled from working in the classic nine to five job. We may feel the push towards breaking free and starting our own business. It is important to understand how to harness that energy in order to successfully manifest your dreams. 

Finding and nurturing your entrepreneurial spirit is not an overnight process. Today in the Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Omar and Brooks Meadows discuss their entrepreneurship journeys. Brooks is the co-founder of Chop Club for Men, a health mastery program for busy, professional men that teaches you to improve your health without sacrificing work or family time. He began his coaching career in 2005 and has been coaching full-time since 2013. He specializes in health strategy and telling legendary stories. Today, Omar and Brooks discuss both their successes and failures, and share the valuable lessons that they have learned along the way. Tune in to hear how to harness your entrepreneurial spirit, the steps to take to start your own business, and the mistakes you can avoid making through the wisdom of others. Listen all the way through to hear about how to get involved in Brooks’ mastery program, Chop Club, and the special discount you can get for tuning into this podcast. 

What you will discover:

  • [5:00] Brooks discusses his background and how he began to cultivate his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • [17:01] The importance of remembering where you come from and that the grass is not always greener on the other side. 
  • [21:25] Brooks begins his fitness coaching journey and the life changes that occurred immediately after his decision to pursue coaching full time.  
  • [24:17] Brooks’ ego begins to get in his own way and the mistakes he made due to it.
  • [35:28] The first gym that Brooks opened closes down and he shares the effects of that and the lessons he learned from losing that business. 
  • [42:35] The new venture that Brooks takes on while unemployed and under financial stress. 
  • [52:32] Learning how to say yes to your authentic self. 
  • [59:55] Omar discusses the meaning of humility and how it helps nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and helps you achieve success. 
  • [1:03:30] More information on Brooks Meadow’s mastery program and how to get involved.

Sign up immediately for Brooks’ mastery program here and use the discount code “OPC” to save 10% off any option.


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