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Self love is the biggest gift that we can give ourselves. We can often find ourselves looking for love from anywhere, but from ourselves. We try to seek validation from our partners, our jobs, society, parents, and many other outlets. Unfortunately most of the places we turn to are incapable of offering us complete approval and unconditional love. We find that the void simply cannot be filled, until we finally accept that the unconditional love we seek can only come from within ourselves.

This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, starts with Omar and Patrick’s discussion on how to navigate Patrick’s one year anniversary. It later turns into Omar teaching the group not only the importance, but also  how to achieve self acceptance and self love. Tune in to hear how to stop looking from outside validation and start receiving love from within.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [2:29] Patrick wonders how to celebrate a milestone in his sobriety in a healthy way.
  • [5:08] Patrick discusses why it is so important to him that his wife recognizes his accomplishment of staying sober for a year.
  • [8:38] Omar questions how much Patrick accepts and loves himself.
  • [13:45] How our childhood experiences can set up expectations for our adult relationships.
  • [20:46] Samantha shares her thoughts on Patrick’s situation and how she has managed the unrealistic expectations in her own marriage.
  • [31:55] The cycles of communication in a long-term relationship.
  • [35:00] Julia talks about her realization about how lonely she is and the unhealthy distractions she has developed.
  • [44:56] Omar discusses the importance of realizing that we are enough and breaking through old belief systems that have fostered self-judgment.
  • [50:30] The group shares their final thoughts, encouragement, and compassion with each other.

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