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It is not easy to lead a life in recovery, and maintaining that life takes an extraordinary amount of vulnerability. Drinking and abusing drugs fosters a strong sense of shame and guilt that is not easy to overcome. We often feel as though we will never be good enough, or that we will always disappoint our loved ones. Furthermore, we are often afraid to even succeed. The reality is that in order to grow and change we have to become vulnerable and express these feelings to those who are close to us.

This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, features Omar’s discussion with Joe. Joe is struggling with alcoholism and has been having trouble with staying sober. He has been hiding the feelings of guilt and shame with alcohol. Omar helps Joe process the reasons behind his emotions. Omar tells Joe to figuratively put down the gavel and embrace his own imperfections. He also reminds him of the power of vulnerability and how it fosters connection. Listen now!

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [2:19] Joe discusses his struggle with staying sober and avoiding a relapse.
  • [3:13] Omar explains what rehab offers to people and the reasons behind Joe feeling trapped.
  • [5:01] When Joe’s drinking became out of control.
  • [10:36] The ways in which Joe’s previous job allowed him to feel connection and what Joe is trying to feel by drinking.
  • [18:44] The guilt and shame that Joe is trying to bury with alcohol.
  • [20:44] Omar helps Joe uncover the reasons behind his shame and guilt.
  • [24:36] The things that Joe needs to forgive himself for.
  • [32:39] Omar explains the fear of success and why we self sabotage. 
  • [37:44] The power of vulnerability and how it fosters connection.
  • [42:00] Omar reassures Joe that it is okay to be truly vulnerable with his wife.
  • [43:03] The group shares how they relate to Joe’s experiences and gives him words of wisdom and encouragement.
  • [48:53] Embracing the perfection of being imperfect and vulnerable.

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