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Some of us have loving, caring, and supportive parents. Unfortunately, there are those of us who have toxic parents. They might be addicts, narcissists, or generally abusive. As children we fall into the habit of trying to be seen and heard by our parents, but with a toxic parent that never happens. Once we begin to heal our childhood trauma, we may realize that it is time to start setting boundaries with a toxic parent. Breaking away from a parent that is causing chaos in our lives will bring up enormous amounts of emotions. It may lead to grief, anger, or resentment. Embracing our emotions surrounding our new found relationship with the toxic parent will help us to heal from our childhood family dynamics.

This episode of Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, features Shannon getting to the bottom of her recent binge eating. The biggest stressor in her life is the recent change in her relationship with her mother. Omar helps Shannon process her emotions surrounding setting boundaries with her toxic mother. He reminds her to honor her emotions and accept her mother’s inability to fulfill her needs. Omar emphasizes that she no longer needs to tolerate her mother’s behavior. Damian and Samantha also share their progress updates with the group. Tune in to learn how to handle a toxic parent in a healthy way and the updates on the rest of the group. Listen now!

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [3:00] Shannon discusses her recent binge eating disorder diagnosis.
  • [5:10] Omar explains that the first step is softening the pressure that Shannon is putting herself under in her weight loss journey.
  • [7:27] Omar and Shannon discuss the recent stressor in her life that could be triggering binge eating – setting hard boundaries with her mom.
  • [11:11] Honoring the feelings surrounding having a narcissistic mother.
  • [16:10] Accepting that a toxic parent will never be able to fulfill our needs and understanding that we don’t have to tolerate that.
  • [18:21] Damian updates the group on his progress from the last call.
  • [24:12] Samantha shares a new situation that she and her husband are facing. She also discusses her new found peace surrounding their relationship.
  • [38:31] The overarching theme of boundaries and the importance of having the ability to choose for ourselves. 
  • [39:44] Julia shares her experiences with setting boundaries with her job.
  • [45:19] Letting go of our need to be valued, needed, and prove ourselves.

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