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Finding Happiness, Fulfillment, and Joy

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher When we get sober, start going to support groups, and begin to find ourselves again, it can be common to ask ourselves, “what am I doing this for?” We’re told that if we follow all the necessary steps, we’ll remain sober and find a life beyond our “wildest dreams.” However, for some, we make it to the other side and the grass is still brown. Instead of the pink cloud we so often hear about, a rain cloud follows us around and we become miserable.   How do we get ourselves here? How do we find happiness, fulfillment and joy?  In this [...]

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Trusting The Voice Within

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Meet Rick Alexander, an author, speaker, and serves as the Chief Growth Operator for The Special Forces Experience. Rick spent 12 years in the United States Navy as a Special Operations Combat Medic and now helps people craft meaningful lives while in the heat of adversity. In this episode of the Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Rick opens up about how he overcame adversity and created a meaningful life. He describes how he let go of who he was told to be and instead focused on who he wanted to become. Listen in to learn how to become aware of your toxicity [...]

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Have you ever felt so desperate to move forward with your life but find yourself getting in your own way? We have ideas to bring to life, stories to tell, and goals to achieve, yet, the internal conflict within us prevents us from even starting. When we get into our own way, it's caused by limitations and limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward. Some of us can’t get past the fear of failure. Some of us struggle with a nagging sense of inadequacy. Others feel pressure from feeling insignificant and feel powerless, and some may have a tendency to [...]

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Reconnecting With Your Abandoned Self

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Learning how to self-soothe is just as important for us as adults as it is as children. As a child, we learn how to self-soothe when we feel anxious, sad, disappointed, and insignificant. However, when we experience childhood trauma, the self-soothing we learn can become maladaptive.  In this week’s Recovery Coaching session the group helped, Sean. After a recent relapse, Sean admits his relapse behavior was sneaky and immature, close to a childlike state. As he begins to process the reason for his slip, he reflects on the dynamics of his family of origin and the childhood experiences he had. Feeling [...]

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Choosing Your Own Path

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Meet Salva Liberti, an energy healer, inner peace guide, breath and meditation guide, and speaker. He has attended several Tony Robbins events, traveled solo across Europe, and moved to LA without a penny in his name. He believes in living in the moment by embracing self-awareness, self-love, and meditation to heal. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Salva shares his self-development journey and discovering self-love and inner healing through meditation. He talks about how he learned to be gentle with himself and let go of all the expectations and projections his mother had on him. Listen in to learn how [...]

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How Self-Deprecation Can Serve Us

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher “If you knew me, you would hate me too.” How many of us have had similar self-deprecating thoughts? If we continually speak about ourselves in a manner that puts us down, over time, they become a part of how we view ourselves and severely impacts our self-esteem. Self-depreciation isn’t just telling ourselves we’re at fault. It’s also undermining our own authority, silencing ourselves in favor of others, and tormenting ourselves over mistakes that don’t matter. How Self-Deprecation Can Serve Us There’s a point when we find secondary gains from self-deprecation and they begin to serve us. Whether that be to keep [...]

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How To Feel More Productive Day-To-Day

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher When we struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, or any other behavioral health disorder, unmanageability follows closely behind - even when we decide to put the drugs or alcohol down and get sober. When we find a solid foundation of sobriety, our personal wants, hopes, and dreams can become clouded by either making up for lost time, or doing what others expect of us. When we get lost in this illusion of other’s expectations, we can lose productivity and feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. The basic questions of who we are and what we want becomes unclear.  By creating realistic [...]

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Learning to Love Yourself

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Meet Cassie Bosworth, a realtor in Texas who helps real estate buyers, sellers and investors achieve their real estate dreams.  In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Cassie shares her spiritual journey of self-development and how it contributed to her success in not only real estate, but every area of her life. Through heartache, pain, and trauma, she found resilience, strength and purpose through plant medicine including Ayahuasca and other medicines to help open her throat chakra. Through these numerous discoveries, Cassie found a deeper perspective by forcing herself to sit in discomfort and achieve what she thought was impossible.  Today, [...]

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Finding Meaning in our Suffering and Feelings of Hopelessness

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Hopelessness isn’t a state that we expect to be in after we get sober. When we feel hopeless, we suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While many alcoholics and addicts are familiar with these feelings in addiction, it can be confusing when we experience it in sobriety. Often, there are moments when it feels like hopelessness weighs so much more than peace and joy, lasts so much longer, and it can be difficult to discern why we’re experiencing these emotions.  In this week’s Recovery Coaching Session we helped Matt. A year and a half into his sobriety, he is experiencing Obsessive [...]

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The Rhythm of Your Mystic Soul

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Meet Benita Wolfe, an internationally renowned Anusara yoga teacher-trainer for close to 20 years. She emphasizes joy, therapeutic alignment, and balanced action in her classes. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Benita shares her journey from an aerobic teacher to finding her playful passion for yoga, which she finds joy and purpose in teaching others. She talks about the importance of learning and reconditioning yourself to your lost natural essence to identify your own truth.  Through natural spiritual practices, Benita’s life was transformed when she began using plant medicine. Through Ayahuasca and other natural healing remedies, the emotional and mental [...]

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