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Healing Childhood Trauma and Self Abandonment

Traumatic events shape us. Whether it be a childhood experience, or an event we went through as an adult, these specific situations change how we see the world and ourselves. Trauma is more than just a negative experience. These set of circumstances can have lasting effects on our mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Beliefs we pick up through traumatic events can inhibit our everyday lives with fear, grief, and maladaptive coping mechanisms that ultimately contribute to addiction and impact our sobriety. But how, exactly, do we begin the healing process and become “unstuck” from these negative patterns that are still impacting our lives years later? In [...]

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Transitions, Evolution and Transformation

No matter what age you are, we can all get stagnant. However, stagnancy can lead to boredom, and if we’re not careful, boredom can lead to trouble. In today’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Stacey Godbold, Marketing Guru, Strategist, Visionary and Storyteller shares some incredible insight on where she’s been and how she got to where she is today. From a young age, Stacey admits she did everything “alcoholically.” As a runner, she spent all her time immersed in her sport, which later took a backseat during her addiction. Years later after she got sober, she began powerlifting and found a community in CrossFit. Little did she know the [...]

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Overcoming the Feeling of Inadequacy As a Parent

For many, the joys that come along with being a parent can be equaled out by the stressors and chaos that follow behind. Driven by an innate need to nurture and love, parents can live their lives for others, sacrificing their own hopes and dreams. What if we can’t absorb that unconditional love for ourselves that we give to our children? When we don’t feel like we’re good enough parents, the anxious thoughts of inadequacy can creep in and affect our thoughts, our parenting, and every aspect of our lives. When we cover these feelings up with a drink to mitigate the fear and the anxiety, we prevent [...]

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The Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast Origin Story

One of the primary purposes for your existence on this planet is to have a human experience. But when those experiences go array, turn to trauma and emotional wounds, they prevent us from feeling the love and joy of who we are at our deepest core.  The Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast was created from a story of pain, addiction, rebelliousness, anger, resentment, and bitterness to a fruitful journey of self-discovery, healing, and recovery. As a Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and Addiction Recovery Specialist, I have coached thousands and have had tremendous success in helping individuals overcome addiction, limiting beliefs, trauma, emotional wounding, and areas of their life that [...]

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The Final Episode of The SHAIR Podcast with Cole Chance and Omar Pinto

Six years ago, The SHAIR Podcast began as a small recovery podcast with intentions of interviewing others about their experiences in recovery. With no expectations about where it would lead, today, the Podcast has over two million downloads. The SHAIR Podcast is a testament to the transformative power of connecting with others. With over 200 episodes, the Podcast has helped thousands of people around the world pave their own path to kickstart the journey of recovery. On the last episode of the SHAIR Podcast, Omar Pinto brings back Cole Chance, recovering addict and yoga teacher to discuss the end of an era and a new transition from the [...]

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Removing the Blockages and Limiting Beliefs Preventing Us from Getting into Action

We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. But, what happens when the undertones of your past limiting beliefs gets in the way of achieving them. “I’m going to fail, so why even try?” “I’m not good enough.” “I’ll never be as good as them.” “I’ll never be as good as I was years ago.”  When we compare ourselves to others, or even begin to compare our actions to a younger version of ourselves, we become stuck within these past limiting beliefs. However, your past experiences of success tend to leave clues. If you’ve been successful before, there’s no reason why you can’t be just as successful now. Challenging [...]

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Breaking Free from Religious Guilt and Obligation

If you grew up in a strict religious home, you were most likely taught about heaven, hell, and a very long list of what makes us a good person or a bad person. At times, it feels as if our most intimate feelings can be judged and create feelings of guilt, confusion, and inadequacy. Whether it be Jehovah’s Witness or Judaism, people tend to hand over religion and ideas about G-d in a way that layers guilt on top of obligation. As humans we are bound to make mistakes, sometimes we do, say or feel things that we are not proud of. When you are brought up in a authoritarian religion or faith community and/or your parents or [...]

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Battling Relapse and Allowing Self-Forgiveness

Nothing good comes from self-shaming. When relapse happens, it can be easy to fall into a shame cycle of self-loathing. When we promised ourselves we’d “quit for good,” or “never fall back into old patterns,” and find ourselves back there, it can be overwhelming. We may find ourselves scouring our memory to understand how we could have gotten back here. Or, maybe we’re stuck in a cycle of dealing with unresolved trauma – feeling waves of shame and guilt that are all consuming. In today’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, the group helped Pete. Currently in a state of relapse, Pete struggles to confront his relapse behavior until the [...]

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The Recovery Hour

After the loss of her Father, Brother, and Aunt, and a failed business, Lori Windfeldlt found her first sip of alcohol, “glorious.” As a stay at home mother, her habit continued to escalate until she had the realization that she lost her identity in a bottle of wine. Upon reaching her rock bottom moment, she found herself in a state of surrender asking for help.  Lori entered into a treatment facility and quickly learned that she also suffered from other co-occurring disorders including anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma. Upon getting sober and learning more about herself, Lori discovered that sobriety and recovery were extremely different and there was [...]

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Inner Child Work and Reparenting

For anyone looking to heal from past hurts, inner child work and reparenting is crucial. No matter what we do in our lives, we're trying to feel something. When we don't feel secure and confident within ourselves, we can find ourselves acting out with maladaptive behaviors caused by underlying hurts. Whether we know it or not, we spend years abusing ourselves and people around us, repeating patterns, and when we struggle with addiction can get caught in a cycle of chronic relapse. Oftentimes, it's these underlying hurts that have us wanting to be acknowledged, seen, and valued. Some of these issues can only be addressed with inner child [...]

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