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The Power of Manifesting What You Want with Anthony Vicino

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Do you focus on the negative or the positive in life? Where is the focus of your energy on a daily basis? Manifestation can be an extremely important tool, but it can also be extraordinarily detrimental. Once you take accountability and realize you have the power to manifest your own reality, then you have the power to change it. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Omar sits down with Anthony Vicino to discuss the power of manifestation. They explore the power of both positive and negative thinking, how to take accountability, the practice of visualization, and so much more! Tune [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher For many of us, the recent pandemic has led us to live very reclusive and introverted lives. Isolating is often a response to our hidden fears of rejection and embarrassment. How can we learn how to overcome our fear of failure in social settings? In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, we have Travis, he shares how the Covid-19 pandemic has surfaced the issues surrounding his introverted tendencies. Omar helps Travis shed his fears surrounding social situations and learn new communications techniques that can help him flourish socially. Listen in to learn about the beauty of connecting with others, developing communication [...]

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Learning to Give and Receive Love

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Is there a little voice in your head that tells you that it’s unsafe to receive love? Do you often struggle to accept love from others in a physical or mental capacity? In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, we have Jackie, she shares her struggles in giving or receiving love and being vulnerable around people. Omar explains how to practice receiving love through the 30 seconds hugs to start believing that you deserve it. Listen in to learn about the beauty of holding a baby and how the experience teaches you love and joy in its purest form. You [...]

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My Exploration into Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Assisted Treatment

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Psychedelics can be used medicinally in order to give us the awareness of the things that are holding us back, however, being able to utilize that awareness to improve our daily lives is, often, much easier said than done. This is one of the many reasons that it is vital to have guides & coaches that can aid you in making sense of your experiences & help you move into the latter stages that come after awareness-acceptance & finally surrender. Today’s episode features Omar’s interview with Ryan Sprague in which they discuss Omar's experiences with psychedelics. Omar explains how his own [...]

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Navigating the Emotional Roller Coaster of being Diagnosed with Cancer in Sobriety

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Once we get sober, our health and the health of those we love becomes a truly precious commodity that we learn to become deeply grateful for. Receiving a life threatening diagnosis or watching the health of a loved one decline can jeopardize our recovery unless we lean into vulnerability and seek outside support. In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast Antoinette processes receiving a cancer diagnosis. During this coaching session, Antoinette begins to release the warrior role which she has played since childhood and learns how to find strength in vulnerability. Shannon also processes watching her mother’s health rapidly decline and [...]

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Reconnecting With Your Significant Other

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Are you ready to stop allowing the victim role to give you an identity? Would you like to be the hero of your own story moving forward? In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, we have Ted, he shares some of the changes he’s been making in his life and the communication struggles he and his wife are having. We also have Leo talk about his fears and internal struggles with a potential new job. Listen in to learn how to pull yourself out of either of the 3 components of the drama triangle; victim, rescuer, and aggressor, and become the [...]

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Complacency and How You will Never Regret Showing Up

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Today Omar, Austin, and Anthony sit down and dissect complacency. Complacency is simply another way in which fear manifests itself and often stems from childhood experiences. Omar, Austin, and Anthony share the ways in which complacency has impacted their lives and the methods they use in order to overcome it. Tune in to hear more about how you can stop being complacent and start fulfilling your true purpose! What You Will Discover: [03:43] Being Raised With No Struggle [06:04] Getting Too Comfortable [13:34] Being Complacent Is Affected By How We Were Raised [16:34] The Hardest Part For Most Entrepreneurs [24:01] Balancing Work And Personal Life [...]

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Inner Child Healing and Learning to Reparent Ourselves

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher As children, we’re born without any means to defend ourselves. Totally dependent on our parents for love, acceptance and shelter, there can be times when our parents fail to provide emotional, psychological, and physical shelter required. This can cause us to be stuck in a trauma-response for years to come with a wounded-inner child: You often have to guess at what “normal” is, because it doesn’t feel safe to trust. You pose the risk of getting hurt when you get close to someone, so you back away. For years we felt smaller than, learning to mitigate our own needs to compensate [...]

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Healing from the Pain of Regret

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher Have you found yourself processing past negative emotions after getting sober? More often than not, we use alcohol to numb the current moment’s hurt and pain only to have to deal with the same feelings and more after quitting alcohol. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Suzanna shares her current struggles dealing with feelings of shame and guilt from past choices. She explains how she’s now processing feelings she should have dealt with in the past. Listen in to learn how to find closure from a dead loved one by writing a letter about how you feel.   “The beauty [...]

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How Unresolved Family Trauma Can Provoke the Desire to Drink

Listen on Your Favorite app iTunes Spotify Stitcher How are the unresolved issues in your heart contributing to you holding on to your addictions? You might not realize it, but the subtle issues you have in your life could be the reason why you can’t seem to completely walk in sobriety. In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Ted shares his struggles with alcoholism and why he needs to get his footing and stop relapsing. He explains the broken relationship he has with his daughter and older brother, and how that is impacting his sobriety. Listen in to learn why you need to reevaluate your underlying issues that cause [...]

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