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Today, Omar Pinto welcomes Chase Tolleson. Chase is a men’s life and fitness coach and his Primal Man Pathway Program helps men finally become proud of the man in the mirror – both on the inside and out. With fitness as a staple in his house growing up, Chase learned the value of daily movement and resistance training at an early age. Directionless and bored in school, Chase joined the Navy after four years of “trying” college. After the Navy he found his passion in helping people and ran a boutique personal training gym for 8 years. He now serves men online using language and stories to demolish their inner critics and help them build the body – and life – of their dreams.  

Today, on the Omar Pinto Coach Podcast, Chase and Omar discuss the importance of service and why it is so important to understand the concept of service as a coach. They cover the topics of humility, accountability, and authenticity. Tune in to learn more about the importance of serving and why being of service to others is paramount to authentic and genuine fulfillment.

What you will discover:

  • [0:40] Chase and Omar discuss the concept of, “when I serve, I sell”.  
  • [4:21] The importance of showing up, remaining accountable to others, and being of service.
  • [8:55] How being of service has helped Chase accept service from others.
  • [19:48] Omar shares how he learned how to receive. 
  • [23:49] How the experience of coaching and sponsorship has been different for Omar. 
  • [25:50] Chase shares his story and how he became a coach.  
  • [31:27] Chase explains how he helps clients process through ancestral trauma. 
  • [37:05] The books that changed Omar and Chase’s perspectives on life. 
  • [44:53] Reflecting on how everything happens for a reason.
  • [47:10] Switching our language to a language of support. 
  • [49:58] Chase and Omar share their final thoughts. 

For More Information on Chase Tolleson:

@coach_chase_tolleson on IG

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