Jonathan Sylvester is a Recovery Coach, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, and the developer of The Sobriety Blueprint, RecoverU, and Win Your 24.

It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago, Jonathan had destroyed all his relationships, had no education or opportunities, and was totally broke. He was addicted to prescription pills, and his whole life revolved around supporting his daily 30 or more Vicodin and Soma habit.

Today, Jonathan is doing much more than just staying sober. He’s designed a simple sobriety blueprint that optimizes all aspects of his life. He also helps others do the same.

Are you ready to consider the endless possibilities for your life in recovery? Listen to this episode!

Jonathan Sylvester

Jonathan Sylvester’s addiction spawned from his childhood when he was the chubby kid who always felt less than everyone else. During his freshman year in high school, he started smoking marijauna. This lead to selling marijuana, which later branched into cocaine, and eventually, prescription pills.

At first it was fun. He got a lot of attention as the dealer and the respect he craved. But then friends started dying. His best friend was killed in an accident that involved drugs Jonathan sold to him. Using drugs stopped being fun and started being necessary just to survive. He couldn’t even get high anymore.

He was exhausted and defeated. He walked into a meeting and heard other guys telling his exact same story. He knew he wasn’t alone and saw hope for the first time. Jonathan surrendered and told himself that if he gave 100% to his addiction, he would give 120% to recovery.

“I didn’t want average sobriety.”

After getting clean, Jonathan discovered that fitness and nutrition helped him to heal and feel better about himself. He became a trainer and realized that merging physical self-care with recovery was a powerful combination.

The Sobriety Blueprint Podcast

“Sobriety is not enough for guys like us. If we don’t build a happy, healthy, and successful life that goes beyond just staying sober, not only are we selling ourselves short, we’re more likely to return to active addiction.”

Host Jonathan Sylvester and his guests discuss how to recover the man you were meant to be through stronger sobriety, personal development, fitness and nutrition, healthy relationships, business, and finding financial success.

This is The Men’s Guide Thriving in Recovery and in Life.

The Sobriety Blueprint Principles

These 3 Principles are the guiding force behind The Recover U Coaching Program:

Reinforce Your Recovery
Your foundation is built with tools that enable you to excel and thrive in a 12 Step Program of Recovery.

Upgrade Your Mindset
Your old way of thinking won’t get you far in your new life. Rewiring your mind for success is vital.

Optimize Your Body
Your body is your recovery vehicle. It’s going to need a tune-up for you to stay sober and live the happy, healthy life you deserve.

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The Sobriety Blueprint Podcast



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