Joy Siegel is the creator of Senior Solutions Inc. She is a successful professional and entrepreneur who hosted Good Work Radio, which gave her the opportunity to interview celebrities and every president since George H. W. Bush.

Rewind to 12 years ago, Joy was a single working parent who would wake up at 5 a.m. to pick up her drugs before getting her kids ready for the morning carpool. She was also the caregiver for her aging parents and managing a busy career.

At first, prescription opioids made Joy feel powerful and helped her to handle her demanding life. But as time went on, the pills stopped working for her and started working against her.

Joy lied to herself until the truth was impossible to deny. Today she’s here to bravely tell us the story of how she lost herself in addiction, confronted the past, and found herself in recovery.

I was hopeless before I ever put a drug in my body.

Addiction, Recovery, and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

Joy new nothing about drugs or addiction until she was thirty-eight years old. Her friend was getting rid of things after her father’s death and asked Joy if she wanted a leftover bottle of 500 opioid painkillers. Joy took the bottle home with her. That was the beginning of a five-year addiction to pills.

Once Joy did realize she had a problem and wanted to stop, she decided to get clean on her own. She planned to quit cold turkey over the weekend and go back to work the next week.

Luckily, her therapist was also in recovery and told her that she needed to go to 90 meetings in 90 days. Joy went to 3 meetings a day all the way till the end of the year.

Sometimes my head is a big fat liar. My first thought is fucked up.

Joy stuck to her meetings for a decade before she realized all the lies she had been telling herself. Growing up with a cleft palate, she’d felt defective and less than her whole life. Only when she truly believed that she was worth something was she able to step into the new exciting life she deserved. Now that she’s found herself, she is ready to find love.

You’re worth having a good day today.

MicDrop: Joy Siegel – About Face

Joy was born with a birth “defect” that required her to have a surgery at 2 weeks old. She was born with a cleft lip. Of course, she doesn’t remember any of it, but what she does remember are the stories she was told about that time. Watch Joy as she steps into the spotlight, proudly shows her face and explains why this moment is so huge for her. It’s not only about the many summers as a child that she spent preparing for and recovering from one of her 30+ surgeries. It’s about the stories she was told and the language used to describe her and her condition. Joy implores the audience to be much more careful about the language we use and the stories we tell – and in this talk, she leads by example. Sharing a story with a powerful message that she hopes you never forget. WATCH JOY’S MICDROP VIDEO.

Joy Siegel and Senior Solutions

Joy Siegel, EdD, MBA, created Joy Siegel Senior Solutions, Inc. to provide solution-oriented services to seniors and their families by assessing and addressing social determinants of health. Direct services are designed to improve quality of life and address such issues as crisis intervention, aging in place, identifying financial resources, home health, housing, and social services.

Joy’s unique approach is based on a combination of her own experience as a caregiver for her mother who had Parkinson’s Disease, her academic background and professional work. Her insight, compassion, business acumen, and connectedness in the community provide Joy with the ability to clearly address the overwhelming issues that may arise in the life of an elderly person. Her belief is that with acceptance comes solutions.

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