The Gifts of Recovery with Curt Clemenson

In our society, we are taught to hide our emotions and feelings. Most of us feel isolated even when we’re among people. We pretend everything’s okay, using our accomplishments and material possessions to hide the suffering and inadequacy that plagues us. We become distracted by our addictions to substances, objects, and behaviors, when the key to our happiness is inside us. Today’s guest is Curt Clemenson. He’s been clean and sober for 36 years and is a prosperous entrepreneur with a superhero appeal. His life changed when he discovered who he really was and what he really wanted through the Twelve Steps. Once he began living according to [...]

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Personal Finance in Recovery with Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is the author of Personal Finance for People in Addiction Recovery. Brandon is a coach, facilitator, and real estate investor committed to adding value to the lives of others. After Brandon dropped out of college, he went into selling drugs, making 200K a year. He was living large according to his delusional ego, until he got set up and arrested. He was forced to get sober and ended up broke, landing a job that only paid $13 an hour. Today he is sober, happy, fulfilled, and has paid off 75K of consumer debt. He is here to tell us why money is not the root of [...]

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Don’t Waste Another Minute of Your Life with Corey Harrington

Corey Harrington’s story began with childhood wounds and existential angst. He always felt like an exposed nerve and used drugs to numb the pain. But he felt time ticking by, and a growing sense of dread began to drown him. Corey knew that he had to stop using or risk spending his whole life in the meaningless cycle of addiction. Corey recently celebrated 4 years of sobriety from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tranquilizers, and opioids. He talks about how he stopped being a victim of circumstance and started shaping himself into the person he wanted to be. Corey reveals how he’s transcended the pettiness of everyday life to create [...]

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50 Ways to Worry Less in Sobriety with Gigi Langer

Gigi Langer is the author of 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection, a book full of the ideas she used to free herself and others from worry. It also encapsulates her personal story which involved relationship failures, codependency, perfectionism, sexual abuse, and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today she is thirty-one years into sobriety and is on The SHAIR Podcast to talk about what she’s learned from her training in psychology and over 30 years using tools from recovery programs, cognitive therapy, energy work, and a variety of spiritual and scientific teachings. Gigi’s story is one of courageous healing. Don’t [...]

The Sobriety Blueprint with Jonathan Sylvester

Jonathan Sylvester is a Recovery Coach, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, and the developer of The Sobriety Blueprint, RecoverU, and Win Your 24. It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago, Jonathan had destroyed all his relationships, had no education or opportunities, and was totally broke. He was addicted to prescription pills, and his whole life revolved around supporting his daily 30 or more Vicodin and Soma habit. Today, Jonathan is doing much more than just staying sober. He’s designed a simple sobriety blueprint that optimizes all aspects of his life. He also helps others do the same. Are you ready to consider the endless possibilities for your life in [...]

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Sobriety Gangsters with Peggy K.

Peggy K. is a longtime listener of the show. She is active in the SHAIR Sobriety Network and a member of SRC. I heard some of Peggy’s story in our SRC online meetings and I told her she had to share it with our audience. Peggy and her husband Joel have been sweethearts since they were 16 years old. They got married together, had their son together, bought their first home together. They also started drinking and using together. It was a love affair that lasted decades, but their seemingly typical American life became more and more soaked with alcohol until they couldn’t enjoy it any more. In the end, […]

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Hip Sobriety with Bree Nicoli

Today we have Bree Nicoli on the podcast. She is a very special guest. I’ve known Bree since she was six years old when I lived with her dad, Max, who was also in recovery. Bree started with inhalants, graduated to marijuana, and then experimented with acid and molly. But when she found, cocaine, it was over. Bree is now twenty-four years old and is 3 years clean. She has over 12K followers on Instagram and runs her own business. It’s been a privilege to watch her learn and grow into a strong woman. Listen to her wild story! We SHAIR our stories every Tuesday so subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher […]

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The Yoga Recovery Lawyer with Suzula Bidon

  Suzula Bidon’s hippie parents named her after a word they found in the bylines of a Grateful Dead album. Growing up in the woods of Wisconsin in a counterculture lifestyle, Suzula struggled with isolation and depression all through her childhood. This led her to self-medicating with gateway drugs like alcohol and tobacco and ended with heroin and methamphetamines. Her addiction led her to federal prison and a serious criminal record. Today, Suzula is a practicing attorney, recovery advocate, and a Minnesota Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS). She is the creator of the Recovery Yoga Meetings® and has been teaching it since 2012. Recovery yoga meetings help people live and […]

SHAIR 187: Dave talks about Chris

Today we have a very heavy and heartfelt episode with Dave from Dopey Podcast. His cohost Chris recently passed away after a tragic relapse and overdose. Many of our listeners reached out and wanted to know what happened. We’re so grateful for Dave to join us to discuss Chris’s death and the future of Dopey Podcast with our recovery family across the world. Listen to Chris’s Story Here are a few highlights from our interview. To get the full story please join us on the podcast now! Dave says Chris was one the smartest people he ever met. This was one of the gifts that lead to his downfall. Chris […]

SHAIR 186: Sober Life School with Arlina Allen

Our guest today is Arlina Allen. She’s the host of the ODAAT Chat Podcast and has been clean and sober since 1994. Arlina was a binge drinker who used to believe finding puke on her shoes in the morning meant she had a great time. Alcohol brought out her alter-egos. She never knew which one of them was going to show up at the party, and she didn’t remember what they did either. Arlina always thought her life would straighten out if she found the right man, but Prince Charming never came to save her. Nothing changed until she removed alcohol from her life. Listen to how she replaced alcohol […]

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