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How many of us have heard the phrase, “Wherever you go, there you are?

Many of us can find ourselves running to an idea of happiness – material wealth, or financial success – without ever finding it. In reality, happiness is something we must find within ourselves. In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, the group held space for Tori – who – after moving across the country finds herself feeling lost and alone. 

The group takes Tori back to a time in her life when she first felt alone – in childhood. It was here where she learned to feel a part of by seeking the approval of others and not paying attention to her own needs. Decades later, she forgot that she can make choices for herself, and has found herself stuck under the weight of others expectations, other than creating a life for herself that she actually wants. 

In today’s recovery coaching call you’ll learn:

  • How our instincts come into play when we begin growing
  • How to recognize childhood patterns that are no longer serving us
  • How to honor to our wants and needs versus doing what others expect of us
  • How practicing awareness in the present moment can change our thinking

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