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From using crack in a trailer park to becoming an internationally renowned Yoga teacher, Thai Massage practitioner, and retreat leader, Cole Chance has used her gifts of leadership and vulnerability to break the cycle of addiction and change the trajectory of her life through yoga. 

In episode 005 of the Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Cole opens up about the harrowing journey of going through the painful psychological process of losing her fixed identity tied to addiction and her “party girl” label she picked up along the way. Through her hero’s journey, she talks about the essence of “doing the work,” reuniting with the part of herself that knows exactly what she needs, and following her intuition to finding her true self.

With an innate need to create, only seven years after she hit rock bottom, she created the Emerge Recovery Program, combining ancient practices of yoga, Buddhism, neuroscience and psychology to create a deeper self understanding and to cultivate more empowerment along your path. 

Listen in to learn how you can uniquely share with others what already exists and still change their lives. You will also learn the power you hold within after letting go of the fixation of who you are as an addict.

What You Will Discover:
[1:01] How to curate information that resonates with you and present it to others who resonate with it too.
[8:18] Getting over your fixation of who you think you are as an addict and giving yourself credit for it.
[18:44] The power of the moment you allow the person inside of you that you always knew you could be to come out.
[26:58] How to find an anchor point that’ll bring out your higher self and motivate others to do the same.
[38:35] How to allow things to shift in your life without controlling how they happen.
[41:44] Learning how to turn your addiction into sustainable recovery and seeking support to help you along the way.

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