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A career change is an extremely difficult process. While it is necessary to make a living, it is also important to trust your intuition and find the right career path. It can be conflicting when trying to determine red flags at a new job. We often can question our own judgment, but it is vital that we listen to our inner voice when making career based decisions.

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, we have Samantha, she discusses the current internal conflict that she is having with a new job. Omar helps Samantha determine whether or not the red flags that she is noticing at her new job are accurate or ego based. Omar walks Samantha through the self-inventory process in order to discover the truth about her current employment.

Listen in to learn how to learn the importance of listening to your internal voice and self inventory when making career based decisions. 

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [2:15] Samantha explains her current employment transition and the difficulty she is facing with her new job.
  • [4:15] The red flags at Samantha’s new job.
  • [7:47] Omar begins to help Samantha listen to her own inner voice and intuition.
  • [13:10] How Samantha’s ego is getting in the way of making healthy career choices.
  • [26:49] The impact of Samantha’s relationship is affecting her decision making. 
  • [30:29] How to communicate and define what support is in relationships.
  • [34:09] Omar talks about why quitting is sometimes the best thing to do.
  • [44:41] The importance of recognizing that you deserve to have what you want.
  • [47:03] Omar helps Missy process through her issues with ending relationships.
  • [56:22] Omar helps Missy create a strategy for ending a current relationship and helps her recognize the importance of standing up for herself.

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