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  • Today, Omar introduces us to Dave Robinson. Dave specializes in storywork. Storywork is the process of reshaping both our internal and external belief systems through writing, breathwork, and productive language. Storywork is a four-step process that helps individuals let go of the negative emotions that are connected to past traumas.

    In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Dave and Omar discuss the process of Storywork. Dave shares how he was introduced to this methodology and the transformation that occurred when he implemented it into his own life. Tune in to learn more about overcoming negative internal dialogue and the power processing the written words of your inner beliefs.

    What you will discover:

    • [4:08] Dave and Omar discuss the mastermind class that they are a part of.

    • [7:34] Dave explains his method of story work and how it helps reshape the negative energy surrounding a memory or experience.

    • [15:41] How sharing his story and healing others’ stories changed Dave’s life.

    • [20:28] How Dave met Mark, the man who introduced him to the power of storywork.

    • [26:30] Dave explains his own twist on Storywork and how he helps his clients learn, practice, and become Storywork certified coaches.

    • [34:56] Dave and Mark get together during Covid-19 and Dave begins to start his journey as a Storywork coach.

    • [40:18] Dave goes deeper into his process and what goes into the sessions that he offers in Storywork.

    • [44:09] The impact that plant medicine has had on Dave’s life.

    • [49:40] Omar and Dave discuss how at the end of the day we are all simply love and peace.

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