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What would happen if you stopped carrying the weight of the guilt and shame of your past? 

Would you feel happier, self-sabotage less? Would you allow yourself to be joyful with no expectations? 

For those who have experienced hurt, betrayal, and loss, there’s a deep understanding of what it means to have your joy taken from you in a split second. When you allow yourself to feel joy, the aftereffects of these events create a foreboding sense of unease, irritation, unworthiness, and anger out of fear the other shoe is going to drop or something bad may happen. 

In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, the group helped Shannon. Feeling like she is undeserving of happiness, for years, she’s struggled with the aftereffects of her Father’s death and her mother’s betrayal. Recently getting sober and having young children, the moment she begins to feel joy and move towards it, the survival mechanisms she had once used to protect  herself and no longer serve her.

Listen in to learn the importance of working on yourself to find the love you’re looking for from within yourself.

What You Will Discover:

  • [0:37] Shannon talks about her unhealed pain coming from her broken relationship with her dad.
  • [5:18] How she’s foreboding joy by blaming herself on things that aren’t her fault.
  • [16:53] How she uses anger to chase people away to avoid disappointments.
  • [21:19] How she can learn to forgive herself and let go of the hurt and pain.
  • [27:13] The importance of writing letters to those you’ve wronged to start your healing process.
  • [41:18] Shannon receives words of encouragement and love from everyone.
  • [49:30] Learning how to forgive yourself by continually doing the internal work.

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