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If you’ve suffered from addiction, trauma, or have been hurt and betrayed, an automatic and natural response to feel bitter, distrust, anger, or resentment. However, when we hold onto the negativity, hurts and fail to heal, they can manifest in other areas of our life, keeping us stuck and providing secondary gains to benefit us or protect us in some way.

In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, the group helped Kris. With 13 days sober, Kris is resentful and bitter towards her husband, and believes they have grown apart. With trust issues from childhood trauma, the group helps Kris discover that these thoughts and feelings of anger have helped protect her and kept her isolated for years, providing secondary gains to self-sabotage, hold onto her addiction, and create a cycle of distrust with everyone that surrounds her.

In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, you’ll learn:

  • How anger, resentment, and negativity can create secondary gains
  • What happens what we don’t trust ourselves
  • The power of vulnerability what happens when we take a risk
  • How we can use anger and bitterness to grow, learn, and expand

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