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It’s normal to care about what others think and worry about how our decisions will impact them, but once we allow the fear of disappointment to take over, we’re simply hitting our own head against the wall. 

Somewhere along the way, we’ve seemed to glorify this fear to mean that we care. However, the fear of disappointing others can be a powerful negative emotion that can eat away at our happiness, our passions, and even create resentment. In this week’s Recovery Coaching Call, the group helped Corey. Going back to work after time unemployed, she’s taken a new job that requires her to be away from home traveling. Feeling pressure and overwhelm, her main decision of staying in this position is the fear of disappointing her husband. 

When we find we do things out of the fear of disappointment, we also become at risk of bitterness, resentment, and anger, which can quickly lead to relapse. 

What You Will Discover:

  • [0:27] Corrie explains the problems she’s having with her new job and why she wants to fail.
  • [14:10] The pressure, fear, and overwhelm she’s feeling brought by her new job.
  • [19:05] How the feelings of resentment can eventually lead to self-sabotage.
  • [24:25] How guilt, fear, and obligation are manipulating Corrie to stay in a job she’s not happy in.
  • [36:22] The pain of regret from past actions that led to a different outcome.
  • [46:24] How to turn your past mistakes into the motivation to go after what you want in your life.
  • [53:46] Learning how to adapt and overcome to make your life better than before.

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