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Do you often feel the need for acknowledgment and acceptance from the people you love? It is sometimes better to accept that it may never happen and that you have to heal and start finding that acceptance within yourself. 

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Omar has a coaching session and primarily speaks with Carrie, who has a toxic and hurt relationship with her father. Carrie shares the type of relationship she’s had with her dad over the years and processes where her hurt feelings are coming from. 

Listen in to learn the importance of forgiving yourself from the way you act as a result of hurt from a parent. You will also learn how to forgive yourself by changing your behaviors and learning to help others.

“The best thing I can ever do when I’m upset with another person is genuinely completely put myself in their shoes, and then it’s almost impossible to be upset with them.”- Kimberly [59:19]

What You Will Discover:

  • [0:28] Sonia explains how coaching has changed her relationship with her mom and her children. 
  • [4:19] Kimberly describes how she’s been spending time and learning more about herself. 
  • [8:27] Carrie on feeling unhappiness and unsettled in her life.
  • [10:13] Carrie describes the lack of acknowledgement and respect from her father. 
  • [17:00] She explains her relationship with both her parents growing up, plus their relationship today.
  • [22:39] The need for acknowledgment and acceptance that Carrie feels she needs from her dad.
  • [30:44] Why you sometimes have to say what you need to say to start healing the hurt.
  • [38:42] Learning to find acceptance within you rather than from the person who hurts you. 
  • [41:21] Travis on healing from his toxic dad and how he’s learning to move on from that pain. 
  • [46:05] Learning to forgive yourself from the beliefs you have about yourself to be okay. 
  • [55:59] How to genuinely put yourself in someone’s shoes to understand them and remove your anger towards them

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