No matter what age you are, we can all get stagnant. However, stagnancy can lead to boredom, and if we’re not careful, boredom can lead to trouble. In today’s Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, Stacey Godbold, Marketing Guru, Strategist, Visionary and Storyteller shares some incredible insight on where she’s been and how she got to where she is today.

From a young age, Stacey admits she did everything “alcoholically.” As a runner, she spent all her time immersed in her sport, which later took a backseat during her addiction. Years later after she got sober, she began powerlifting and found a community in CrossFit. Little did she know the values she learned in the CrossFit community would come to use years later. Through losing a career, playing the critic, the teacher, Stacey notes the moments in her life where everything crumbled ultimately led her to being a student of life and asking the important “why’s.” 

Why do I keep doing the same old thing?

Stacey had to get to the root cause of why she had to fill her God-shaped hole with distractions, but when we start to feel bored, and pain, it’s an invitation for us to grow, by allowing ourselves to be guided by an external force to give and receive. 

Through giving and receiving, the journey of life lands with the knowledge and recognition of who you are. And once we get there, it’s time for us to take that information and transition, evolve, and grow. 

Stacey Godbold is a student living in gratitude, sober mom of four, athlete and continues to manifest positive things in her life.

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