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Do you ever feel:

Aimless without a purpose in life?

Afraid of the opinions of friends, family, or others in your circle?

Pressured by images in the media and online that make you feel inferior and inadequate?

Then you don’t want to miss today’s episode with Drew Canole.

Drew is the Founder and CEO of Many of you will remember The SHAIR Podcast promoting Organify for 6 months because it is an amazing superfood product, my wife and I still drink it on almost a daily basis.

Drew is a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart for others and doing his part to transform the world, one person at a time.

Drew has recently written a book called You Be You, and it is a roadmap to many of the concepts and mindset shifts I coach my clients on today.

  1. Reprogramming your limiting beliefs
  2. Creating your Why identity
  3. Honoring your body
  4. Turning your dreams into reality
  5. Mastering your subconscious mind

About Drew Canole

Fueled by small-town values and a big vision for a better planet, Drew Canole begins each day with one simple goal in mind – to positively impact the lives of others. Through his work as a Personal Coach and endeavors such as and, Drew aims to inspire and motivate others to search deep within themselves to create an abundant, healthy and fulfilling life. “Improve one life; improve the world.”

Drew Canole’s Links

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