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Rapid Recovery with Fred Amir

So many SHAIR listeners are struggling with chronic pain and back problems. The traditional solution is opiates, which are killing people. Today we have Fred Amir on the show. He is the founder and president of Health Solutions and the author of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan. Fred endured his own experience with crippling back pain and discovered that doctors had no answers for him. In his search for a cure for back pain, he found out that 85% of back pain can’t be diagnosed. He also discovered that out of 10,000 back surgeries, only 1% are successful. It seems hopeless for back pain […]

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Sobriety Gangsters with Peggy K.

Peggy K. is a longtime listener of the show. She is active in the SHAIR Sobriety Network and a member of SRC. I heard some of Peggy’s story in our SRC online meetings and I told her she had to share it with our audience. Peggy and her husband Joel have been sweethearts since they were 16 years old. They got married together, had their son together, bought their first home together. They also started drinking and using together. It was a love affair that lasted decades, but their seemingly typical American life became more and more soaked with alcohol until they couldn’t enjoy it any more. In the end, […]

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My Fair Junkie Author Spotlight with Amy Dresner

Amy Dresner is back on the show for our new Author Spotlight feature where we get to do a live Q & A with her about her acclaimed memoir, My Fair Junkie. We addicts all have a story to tell, and Amy Dresner has one hell of a story. What is it like writing about every horrific and embarrassing thing you did in addiction? How does it feel to be publishing, launching, and promoting a book? What is it like to reveal your heart and soul to the whole world? Listen and find out! About Amy Dresner Amy Dresner is over five years clean from being addicted to sex, drugs, […]

Hip Sobriety with Bree Nicoli

Today we have Bree Nicoli on the podcast. She is a very special guest. I’ve known Bree since she was six years old when I lived with her dad, Max, who was also in recovery. Bree started with inhalants, graduated to marijuana, and then experimented with acid and molly. But when she found, cocaine, it was over. Bree is now twenty-four years old and is 3 years clean. She has over 12K followers on Instagram and runs her own business. It’s been a privilege to watch her learn and grow into a strong woman. Listen to her wild story! We SHAIR our stories every Tuesday so subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher […]

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Healing Magic with Sheila Wach

Sheila Wach is with us today. Sheila is a changemaker and transformational leader. She is an Empowering Teacher, Addiction & Consciousness Educator, Certified Master Addictions Coach and an accomplished international entrepreneur. She is also a teacher of fearlessness, motivational speaker and spiritual wayshower. She is the founder of International Addiction Services and Infinite Vida. Sheila lives here in Costa Rica and we have known each other for more than a decade. After hearing her incredible story in our home twelve step group, I had to have her on the show. Get ready to dive deep into consciousness, spirituality, and healing magic! We SHAIR our stories every Tuesday so subscribe to […]

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Purified by Fire with Jeannine Wise

Jeannine Wise is with us today on The SHAIR Podcast. SHAIR was one of the first resources Jeannine found when she was trying to get traction in early  sobriety. She is our first guest from Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist-inspired recovery pathway. For those having problems connecting with traditional rehab or twelve step programs, the Refuge Recovery is an option that may resonate with you. Jeannine shares the incredible insights she’s learned during her two years of sobriety. She reveals how her addiction was like being purified by fire, and how she transcended her pain to grow into the person she was meant to be. Refuge Recovery RefugeRecovery.Org Refuge Recovery Online […]

You Don’t Have To… with Sara McGee

OK folks today for our 200th episode we have Sara McGee joining us on The SHAIR Podcast. Sara is one of my dear friends.  She’s an active member in the SRC and the SHAIR Sobriety Network. Sara is a born leader who has just celebrated 2 years of sobriety and has an incredibly strong foundation of recovery that touches every aspect of her life.  I’m honored to have her on the show. Sara was a hardcore blackout drinker from the beginning. She felt everyone knew how life worked except her. Normal people seemed to have a sense of peace she couldn’t find. So she pretended to have it together. She […]

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From Recovery to Discovery with Jeanne Foot

Jeanne Foot is a mental health advocate and certified addiction counsellor and recovery specialist, with over a decade serving individuals and families in the Toronto area, across the globe, and online. Her own struggles with the nature of addiction and years spent navigating the mental health care system as an advocate for her child has enabled her to become a change agent and a mentor in transformation for others. Jeanne is the product of three generations of trauma in her middle-class family. Her life was chaotic out of the gate. When she became a mother, she had to navigate serious mental health issues with her children. Jeanne had to innovate […]

Unbroken with Hannah Mirmiran

Hannah Mirmiran is a a licensed psychotherapist, a mother, and a recovering alcoholic. She is part of the SHAIR Recovery Community and has been thinking of sharing her story on our podcast since she heard it. At six months of sobriety, she was featured on an episode of Mother Recovering. Then she recorded a video interview for Sobriety Starts here. Hannah has discovered that sharing her story has helped her understand more about her addiction, reduce shame and guilt, and cultivate more compassion for herself. At the same time, she notices it helps others too, which makes her experience perfect for The SHAIR Podcast—Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery!   Contact Hannah […]

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Stay Humble with Ian Romans

Okay, folks. Today we have Ian Romans on the show. Ian is an avid listener of the SHAIR podcast and good friends with one of our previous guests, Daniel Herron, who’s episode is SHAIR 154 entitled Addiction to the Underworld. Ian has a harrowing and powerful story of recovery from heroin addiction. He is 2 years clean and wanted to share his experience. Ian was raised by an addict mother and an abusive stepfather. He was in and out of foster care and jail. Ian dismissed NA from and early age because his parents would stop by their dealer’s house on the way home from meetings. But once he decided […]

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