RR 222: The RRC Author Spotlight with David Clark

Today we have David Clark back on the show for an exclusive Recovery Revolution author spotlight. He is the author of Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery and is here to talk about his new book, Broken Open: Mountains, Demons, Treadmills And a Search for Nirvana. Learn about the deep cathartic effects of writing and running and how they allow you to deconstruct who you were, helping you to eliminate false identities and self-limiting beliefs while also leaving a blank page to build a new ultra version of you! David Clark DAVID CLARK lives just outside of Boulder, CO. He is a father of three, an accomplished endurance athlete, [...]

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RR 221: Kicking and Screaming with Britt Taylor

Britt Taylor is a renaissance woman. She's a mom, martial artist, actress, athlete, health enthusiast, and the lead singer of a band. It's hard to believe for most of her life she was a heavy drinker. Britt is the child of divorced parents and started drinking at an early age. She always had a deep-rooted fear that if anyone knew who she really was, they would discover that she was unlovable. Britt used alcohol as a buffer between her and other people. She was always social, but never deeply connected with anyone, leading her to years of loneliness. At the age of twenty-eight, she remembered repressed memories of [...]

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Addiction, Recovery, and PTSD with Tia Johnson

  Tia Johnson is part of the Recovery Revolution sobriety community, a nursing student, and a woman in recovery. Besides the triggers every addict must face, Tia has to navigate PTSD triggers without turning to drinking or self-harm, which were her coping mechanisms in the past. Tia has undergone an amazing transformation and has discovered the key to recovery. Find out what it is in this episode!   DONATE If you would like to Donate to The Recovery Revolution you can do so using PayPal! The entire amount of your donation will go towards maintaining and growing the show. To Donate now click on the Donate Button below! HP Baby!

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Sober Comedy with Patrick Holbert

Patrick Holbert has been making his living in NYC since 2003. A comedy scene regular, you can find him in the city’s hottest rooms every night. You can also catch him online co-hosting “The Comic’s Table” podcast. He’s also a Sober Coach who is celebrating ten years free from alcohol. Patrick grew up with friction in the home and began drinking to escape his uncomfortable feelings. He suffered from a low self-esteem and alcohol made him feel cooler and more confident. Patrick is a chronic perfectionist who also used sex, porn, and food to quell his emotions. Limiting screen time is his newest challenge. Patrick shares his experience [...]

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Whatever it Takes with Liz Rockwood

Welcome to another episode of Recovery Revolution (formerly The SHAIR Podcast)! Today we have Liz Rockwood. She was introduced to the show by one of our most impactful guests, Ken Rivord, and has since become an obsessed listener. Liz is also a member of the SRC and super active in the SHAIR Sobriety network.   Liz’s love affair with alcohol started with her first bottle of Zima. Her drinking kept getting progressively and dangerously worse. She suffered depression, abuse, divorce, and 5 DUIs. Bad stuff just kept happening to her and she took no responsibility for her life.   Since finding sobriety, Liz has transformed herself into a [...]

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