Angela Pugh is an Addiction Interventionist, Recovering Alcoholic, Life and Recovery Coach. She hosts the Addiction Unlimited Podcast and is the founder of Kansas City Recovery. She has been sober since 2006 and knows from experience that the key to lasting sobriety is having a recovery toolbox.

Recovery takes just as much work as addiction. It’s daily, consistent effort. Angela shows you how to design your life to make sobriety easier and gives a simple, proven recovery toolbox that will take you from anxious and overwhelmed to carefree and confident, knowing you have a plan to face anything.

Get ready to master your sobriety!

Angela Pugh

Angela Pugh is a leading expert in the field of addiction. After her recovery from alcoholism, Pugh attended courses of study including a specialized collegiate program in Addiction Counseling, training as a Board Registered Interventionist, Social Work program at the University of Kansas, and Life Coach Certification, Psychology studies and Recovery Coach Certification.

Pugh has also amassed years of extensive personal study in NLP, motivational interviewing, neurobiology of addiction, trauma healing, intervention, coaching, and much more.

She founded Kansas City Recovery (KCR), a full-service addiction and recovery resource that draws upon Pugh’s years of personal and professional experience in the application of tried-and-true recovery principles. Kansas City Recovery offers a full range of services, including intervention services, recovery coaching, and continuing education and workshops.

KCR also operates the innovative Sober Living House, where adult male members live as a recovering family to build the foundation for a strong and long-lasting sober life.

Pugh and Kansas City Recovery were honored with the 2017 Overland Park Small Business Excellence Award.

Pugh is also a noted freelance writer on coaching, relationships, and addiction education, and a sought-after speaker and educator on the same topics. She is a regular source on addiction and recovery for news media outlets nationwide. She resides in the Kansas City area with her dog, Henry, aka “The Boss”.

Angela’s Mission

“I got sober when I was 33, and being an alcoholic is the best thing that ever happened to me. In my journey of recovery, I learned that I could be dedicated to something (other than drinking), and I learned that I was strong. I got to rebuild my life, go to college, and reclaim my self-worth and confidence. The truth is, this is what I was put on this earth for: to help others navigate this awful illness and help create a plan to nurture recovery through the long and winding road of addiction. Some people are uncomfortable talking about addiction and some are embarrassed to be addicted. For me, through my addiction, I found my purpose. And I couldn’t be more grateful to say, Hi everybody, I’m Angela. I’m an alcoholic.”

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