Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is heart wrenching and frustrating. We feel powerless, overwhelmed, and desperate. What’s the best way to help them?

Today we have Pam Lanhart and Shelly Young on The Recovery Revolution. They are both mothers to children with substance abuse disorder and have become warriors on the front of addiction.

Pam and Shelly teach us how to set boundaries, learn how to communicate, and model recovery in our homes so we can provide a safe place for our loved one who is in the battle for their lives. They also give extraordinary insight into the power of loving right and how to rewrite the embedded stories we have about addiction so that we can approach recovery with an open mind and heart.

This show will revolutionize the way you think about recovery.

Recovery for Families

Foundations for Family Recovery is a community organization & web based platform for families impacted by addiction and in recovery. The mission is to provide not only information, education and practices for creating wellness in the whole family system but to also develop strategies and skills that foster an environment that supports recovery for our loved ones and restores connection, relationships and the natural support system. We are here to support the whole family through the stages of change.
Collectively we are changing the addiction is treated and creating recovery ready families and communities through love and connection. We are bringing forward the fresh voices and the wise ones of recovery, professionals, the way showers, the messengers, the storytellers, the rebels, the disruptors, the truth tellers and the lovers.
We provide evidence based guidance & coaching, connection and community and opportunities for families to become advocates and allies for recovery.
This is Family Recovery. Together we recover.


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