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Learning how to self-soothe is just as important for us as adults as it is as children. As a child, we learn how to self-soothe when we feel anxious, sad, disappointed, and insignificant. However, when we experience childhood trauma, the self-soothing we learn can become maladaptive. 

In this week’s Recovery Coaching session the group helped, Sean. After a recent relapse, Sean admits his relapse behavior was sneaky and immature, close to a childlike state. As he begins to process the reason for his slip, he reflects on the dynamics of his family of origin and the childhood experiences he had. Feeling insignificant by one of the most important people in his life, it caused Sean to seek love and connection in any form, including substances.

When we learn to recognize specific patterns in our life, we can work towards finding alternative behaviors and begin to put them into practice. In this week’s Recovery Coaching session, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize what may be driving our maladaptive behaviors
  • The ways these behaviors serve us
  • Ways to begin to self-soothe without the need of harmful substances
  • The six human needs that drive all human behavior

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