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Have you ever felt so desperate to move forward with your life but find yourself getting in your own way?

We have ideas to bring to life, stories to tell, and goals to achieve, yet, the internal conflict within us prevents us from even starting. When we get into our own way, it’s caused by limitations and limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward.

Some of us can’t get past the fear of failure. Some of us struggle with a nagging sense of inadequacy. Others feel pressure from feeling insignificant and feel powerless, and some may have a tendency to procrastinate.

So, how exactly do we let go of the past to get out of our own way?

In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, we helped Travis. Feeling frustrated, Travis is conflicted with the fact that he is trying to move forward in his business, recovery, and life, but finds himself spinning his wheels.

When we stop trying to move fast, and trust the process, we can begin to be present with who we are, moment to moment. In this process, we gain the awareness and the insight we need to put aside these limiting beliefs and move forward with our lives. In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, you’ll learn:

– How to recognize signs that we’re not moving forward
– How to create actionable steps to create the change we want
– The procrastination cycle that happens when we get into our head
– How to begin to take action to move forward

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