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Meet Cassie Bosworth, a realtor in Texas who helps real estate buyers, sellers and investors achieve their real estate dreams. 

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Cassie shares her spiritual journey of self-development and how it contributed to her success in not only real estate, but every area of her life. Through heartache, pain, and trauma, she found resilience, strength and purpose through plant medicine including Ayahuasca and other medicines to help open her throat chakra. Through these numerous discoveries, Cassie found a deeper perspective by forcing herself to sit in discomfort and achieve what she thought was impossible. 

Today, Cassie Bosworth is a real estate agent in Austin, Texas. Her passion is connecting with people and nature and helping and giving to others and hopes to one day become a spiritual healer.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

[0:49] Cassie explains how she got into real estate after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

[3:38] How she started surrounding herself with the right people by connecting online and offline.

[7:00] She describes her upbringing without parents and how that affected her as a child.

[11:40] How Cassie reacted the first time she saw her mom and her decision of never seeing her again.

[12:43] How hard times teach you about love and compassion especially for yourself.

[15:05] The bad and misleading energy she grew up experiencing with her grandmother.

[21:00] When Cassie became independent and the events that happened after that.

[24:16] The experiences she had while working in Seattle plus the lessons she learned.

[32:13] She talks about her self-development and spiritual journey, which includes taking Ayahuasca.

[38:39] She explains the events that led to the opening of her throat chakra.

[45:27] The power you have in controlling your mind and letting go of your limiting beliefs.

[51:34] The importance of forcing yourself to sit in the discomfort to achieve what you thought impossible.

[56:44] The lessons that Cassie has learned from her own story about herself and the world.

[57:50] How to be patient with yourself to survive the adversities.

[1:04:02] Understanding that you have a choice, so be kind to yourself.

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