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When we struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, or any other behavioral health disorder, unmanageability follows closely behind – even when we decide to put the drugs or alcohol down and get sober.

When we find a solid foundation of sobriety, our personal wants, hopes, and dreams can become clouded by either making up for lost time, or doing what others expect of us. When we get lost in this illusion of other’s expectations, we can lose productivity and feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. The basic questions of who we are and what we want becomes unclear. 

By creating realistic goals, objectives, and daily routines, we can change how we feel, what we do, and the entire trajectory of our lives. 

In this week’s Omar Pinto Coaching podcast, Omar helped Travis. Feeling more productive after implementing self-care into his routine, he must learn to effectively communicate with his loved ones surrounding the path he is on and convey that his progress and productivity may not be aligned with their expectations. 

Omar also helped Colleen. Newly sober, she feels guilty for taking time for herself and is fearful of who she will become after taking the journey within. The group holds space for Colleen and gives her feedback to look into her past, to create a future she can be excited about.

In this Omar Pinto Coaching Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to take more time for ourselves, to ultimately create more productivity
  • How to effectively communicate with our loved ones
  • How to trust the work we’re doing within ourselves will pay off in the future

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