Barbara feels like she’s running on low-energy. Wanting to sleep a lot, she is having trouble finding motivation to participate in activities that are conducive to her recovery. However, when she partakes in her favorite craft, she feels more energized. The group helped Barbara come to the realization that our bodies communicate to us through emotions. If we’re frustrated in a situation, it’s our body’s way of telling us the situation is no longer beneficial to our well-being and peace of mind. If we’re not energized, it is a good indicator that we need to focus our attention elsewhere. Bringing more self-awareness to our bodies, the group helped Barbara employ practical ways to let go of negative self-talk and put tools into place to shift her energy.

The group also helped Jill. Newly sober, Jill feels like she can’t be herself in social situations. Going into something unknown can cause undue stress and anxiety, but there are a few ways we can prepare. By taking on a service opportunity in social situations, we can alleviate social anxiety, help us stay busy, put our guard down, and allow us to have a good time. The group walks Jill through a number of other ways to connect with others and ease social anxiety. 

Lastly, the group helped Frank. As a writer, Frank has been having issues getting his creative juices flowing. By taking practical steps and going back to the basics, the group challenges his lack of creativity by giving Frank a simple prompt to begin writing about.

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Omar Pinto is a Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach with over 17 years in long-term recovery.

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