Shirley Solis is the founder of the Live Life Experience, a 3-day transformative event that gives women the tools to become the empowered, free, and inspiring person they know they can be. Shirley was always a girl with big dreams, but after she got married and had six children, she discovered her husband suffered from a sex addiction.

Shirley spiraled down to a dark place, losing her identity, her self-respect, and her ability to set boundaries. But ultimately, her husband’s problem became a catalyst for change, forcing her to seek tools that helped not only to heal herself, but her marriage and family. Listen to how Shirley became the powerhouse she is today and how she helps other women break free from numbness and live life on all levels.

About Shirley Solis

Shirley is the #1 Female Peak Performance Coach in the World and Proud Mom of 6, author and successful entrepreneur, who created Live Life The Experience, the most powerful personal development event for women. Shirley searched for answers in the personal development world and found that traditional methods of coaching and therapy were not made with women in mind.

Shirley developed strategies and tools that empowered her and other women to become their most powerful, beautiful and influential self. Shirley believes women are the world’s “thermostat” and as such we should be investing time in encouraging and healing women. She is committed to creating online programs and events that will radically transform women so they can become their most powerful, beautiful and influential self. She has worked with thousands of women, men and families with incredible success rates, so much that she is called the “Miracle Woman.”

About Live Life The Experience:

Live Life The Experience is the #1 Personal Development Event for Women!

Live Life The Experience is the most advanced and transformational event that has ever been created for women. It uses advanced neurological techniques and exercises, submerging your mind and your senses to help you discover what it means to be powerfully feminine!

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