When we get sober, we prioritize healing our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but what about our physical health? Stress, anxiety, and unprocessed trauma can leave an imprint on the body and affect our health for years to come.

Using Hanna Somatics as a pathway to empowerment, this form of body healing is a type of mind-body training that encourages physical and mental control over muscles to reduce pain and teach the brain to re-learn movements. Different from massage.

On today’s Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What a Hanna Somatic session consists of 
  • How Hanna Somatics can be a quick way to work through unresolved trauma
  • Where to find a Somatics Healing Practitioner near you

Chris Ruane is an educator in the field of movement and wellness, combining a 19 year practice of Hanna Somatics Education and Bodywork, Massage, Pilates, Yoga, Energy, and Breathwork. Her study of alignment and awareness, background as an Irish Dancer, athlete and musician give her personal insight into the mechanisms of chronic pain. Today she helps others learn how to get themselves “unstuck” from the physical and emotional patterns that prevent them from creating the life they want.

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