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Meet Salva Liberti, an energy healer, inner peace guide, breath and meditation guide, and speaker. He has attended several Tony Robbins events, traveled solo across Europe, and moved to LA without a penny in his name. He believes in living in the moment by embracing self-awareness, self-love, and meditation to heal.

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Salva shares his self-development journey and discovering self-love and inner healing through meditation. He talks about how he learned to be gentle with himself and let go of all the expectations and projections his mother had on him.

Listen in to learn how unhealthy attachments are blocking you from ultimate self-love and how to let go of them.

“Know thyself so you can undo yourself.”– Salva

What You Will Discover:

  • [5:40] Salva explains how and when he gained an interest in self-development and his experience in a yearlong mastermind.
  • [13:07] How to shed expectations and projections set to you by your parents and get to know and do what you want.
  • [17:10] He talks about moving to LA without money, plus how the Date with Destiny event changed him and his mom’s relationship.
  • [24:24] The power of letting your child go and find themselves without you having your hold on them.
  • [30:23] How to change your definition of success and be gentle and patient with yourself.
  • [37:51] How to create certainty of self-love and self-discovery within yourself.
  • [39:18] Salva explains how your heart chakra is blocked by grief, which stops you from loving yourself enough.
  • [44:22] The importance of letting go of unhealthy attachments to discover self-love.
  • [50:57] How he discovered healing in meditation and now guides people in active mediation to find self-awareness.
  • [57:41] Redefine your purpose to live your life to the fullest now.
  • [1:05:35] Buckle up and realize the importance of creating certainty within yourself.

About Salva Liberti

Salvatore Liberti was born in the culturally rich city of Lima, Peru, and immersed throughout childhood in sacred teachings and mysticism of the region’s indigenous people. The family emigrated to Florida when Sal was eight and by twelve, he had become “man of the house,” assuming responsibilities beyond his years. During school, and later at Florida Atlantic University as a Communications & Rhetoric major, he supported himself as a child actor, bartender, travel consultant, and real estate agent, all while excelling at both sports and academics.

Sal’s life would take a dramatic turn at age 17, after accompanying a friend to a Tony Robbins conference. Inspired by the powerful personal development guru, he joined the volunteer crew group for multiple “Unleash The Power,” “Date with Destiny” and “Business Mastery” events. At 22, he was recruited by best-selling author, speaker and coach, Rock Thomas, as a lead salesperson for Mastermind M1—the prestigious personal growth program aimed at high-achievers. This took him on a learning journey throughout Canada and the US, eventually returning to Florida, where he continued to work on high-profile engagements with both mentors. Throughout these powerful growth experiences, Sal began to uncover the study of spirituality and meditation. The integration of high-performance personal development and consciousness awakening spiritual practice bred his own understanding of what it means to live as a liberated human being.

In 2019 at the age of 23, following a 4-month solo European adventure spanning six different countries, Sal relocated to Los Angeles to develop the program of his own breathwork & guided meditation service. His studies in Reiki, Posturology, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, Martial Arts, Plant Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, and various breathwork and meditation techniques provide the groundwork. He brings all to bear in his unique style of  teaching, healing and coaching craft.

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