There are multiple pathways to recovery, including recovery coaching. In our first Recovery Coaching call, Omar Pinto introduced us to his style of recovery coaching and the concepts behind it. By holding space for others, and using our intuition to guide us, we can help others address struggles, find accountability, and process uncomfortable feelings. 

Today, we helped Tori begin to set effective boundaries with a friend. By taking part in self-care, setting effective boundaries can begin. The Recovery Coaching group held space for Tori by asking open-ended questions about her current situation and creating a sense of accountability and support by giving her self-care suggestions. 

We also helped Valerie address accountability. Asking herself if she really wants to stay sober, her desire to drink has never been so strong, and she feels recovery is far out of reach. With limited meetings and accountability, Valerie is faced with the fearful decision to walk the unknown path of a sober life. However, with guidance, the group assured that Valerie is not alone. The group also gave her new tools to help her sustain accountability and begin to create a support group around her to kickstart recovery. 

Lastly, the recovery coaching group helped Shannon navigate the uncomfortable world of anger. What resists, persists, and unfortunately releasing anger is something many of us were not taught as a child. Agitated, bitter and frustrated, Shannon is struggling to release anger from her past. Using techniques suggested by Omar Pinto, Shannon was guided and challenged with two different ways to release anger in a healthy way. 

Tune in to this week’s Recovery Coaching to gain tools, skills, techniques and a better understanding of recovery to improve our lives. 

Omar Pinto is a Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach with over 17 years in long-term recovery.

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