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Omar Pinto is a Life Transformation Coach, Addiction Recovery Specialist and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Omar impacts and transforms people’s lives daily through my podcast, thriving Facebook communities and coaching platforms. For coaching with Omar, click the "1 on 1 Coaching" link in the main menu.

From Darkness to Light, Addiction to Recovery with Deborah Yager

  What’s preventing you from reaching your full potential and stepping into who you were meant to become? Often, we try to figure out what’s holding us back before we dare to push the boundaries of our comfort zone. It’s seems like the logical way, but this not only makes growth take longer, it can also be used as a tool for procrastination. It can take years to unpack all the baggage and analyze where our fears and blocks hide. But if you jump before you’re ready, your places of resistance will jump out, allowing you to identify them and challenge them at the same time. “Leap and [...]

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Recovery for Families with Pam Lanhart and Shelly Young

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is heart wrenching and frustrating. We feel powerless, overwhelmed, and desperate. What’s the best way to help them? Today we have Pam Lanhart and Shelly Young on The Recovery Revolution. They are both mothers to children with substance abuse disorder and have become warriors on the front of addiction. Pam and Shelly teach us how to set boundaries, learn how to communicate, and model recovery in our homes so we can provide a safe place for our loved one who is in the battle for their lives. They also give extraordinary insight into the power of loving right and how to [...]

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How to Take FIERCE Action in Your Life with Carolyn Colleen

Anxiety, fear, and overwhelm create a state of paralysis. How can we move past the fear and take action in our lives? Carolyn Colleen is a PhD candidate, speaker, author and coach. Out of sheer necessity Carolyn developed the F.I.E.R.C.E. 5 method, which helped her grow from a downtrodden, scared and ragged victim, standing in a food line at the Salvation Army, to the confident and successful person she is today, living a happy life she never realized she deserved. In this episode, she talks about her recovery from codependency and how her F.I.E.R.C.E. 5 method will empower you to transform your life in just 5 minutes at a [...]

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Walking Through Fire with Anne Beaulieu

Anne Beaulieu is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the author of twenty books. She was always a driven, successful woman who built the perfect image for herself, but deep inside hid a darkness and rage that closed her off from the world. As a child, Anne experienced horrific emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. A warrior emerged to protect her. She vowed to snuff out her heart and approach everything with cold intellectualism. At the same time, Anne was addicted to pleasing others. She felt responsible for everyone around her. She was emotionally unhealthy, and this was reflected in all her relationships. Finally, Anne had no choice [...]

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How to Stop the Cycle of Codependency and Toxic Relationships with Elizabeth Overstreet

Why do we fall into toxic relationships? How can we stop acting out on codependent behaviors? How do we know when someone isn’t right for us? Today’s guest is Relationship Expert Elizabeth Overstreet and she’s going to give us the truth behind why we find ourselves in unhappy, destructive relationships. The big secret? It’s you. If you find yourself hopping from disaster to disaster or just surviving in an unhappy marriage or relationship, then it’s time to own up to it and take action. Listen as Elizabeth teaches us how to become aware of our patterns, stop playing the victim and empower ourselves to create healthy, happy relationships [...]

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Escaping Porn Addiction with Eli Nash

Eli Nash is a super successful entrepreneur and is here to bravely share his journey in recovery from sex addiction. Sex and porn addictions are growing out of control in this age where sex and porn are accessible 24/7 on the internet. Because of stigma, few people will seek help for an addiction that is just as dangerous and destructive as any drug. Eli hid the details of his own abuse secret for many years. Now he is passionate about empowering others to speak up and to use their voice to be an agent of change in their community through MicDrop, a public speaking program he cofounded for [...]

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RR 223: Mental Toughness with Brad Ritter

What happens if you’ve never been truly challenged in life? What if you’ve never had to face a severe illness, tragedy, death, or war? How do you know that you have the mental toughness to overcome adversity and persevere no matter what the circumstances? Today’s guest is Brad Ritter. He was a successful guy who had all the ingredients of a perfect life—a good job, a beautiful home, and a great family. But one day he looked himself in the mirror and asked, “Who am I? What do I really want in life?” Brad talks about how he put himself through SEALFIT Kokoro training, the world’s premier event [...]

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RR 222: The RRC Author Spotlight with David Clark

Today we have David Clark back on the show for an exclusive Recovery Revolution author spotlight. He is the author of Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery and is here to talk about his new book, Broken Open: Mountains, Demons, Treadmills And a Search for Nirvana. Learn about the deep cathartic effects of writing and running and how they allow you to deconstruct who you were, helping you to eliminate false identities and self-limiting beliefs while also leaving a blank page to build a new ultra version of you! David Clark DAVID CLARK lives just outside of Boulder, CO. He is a father of three, an accomplished endurance athlete, [...]

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RR 221: Kicking and Screaming with Britt Taylor

Britt Taylor is a renaissance woman. She's a mom, martial artist, actress, athlete, health enthusiast, and the lead singer of a band. It's hard to believe for most of her life she was a heavy drinker. Britt is the child of divorced parents and started drinking at an early age. She always had a deep-rooted fear that if anyone knew who she really was, they would discover that she was unlovable. Britt used alcohol as a buffer between her and other people. She was always social, but never deeply connected with anyone, leading her to years of loneliness. At the age of twenty-eight, she remembered repressed memories of [...]

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RR 220: Warrior Princess with Christine Line

Christine Line is an Entrepreneur and High Performance Coach who helps her clients break free from their old BS stories and step into a life of freedom and love. She is also a single mom of three teenagers. Christine grew up as the child of an alcoholic father who tragically never embraced his true potential. This made Christine into a fiercely independent and hard soul, but that fierce protection could only work for so long and she had to find a way to honor what her father went through and how it shaped her. In the process of healing herself, she discovered her inner light, became relentlessly focused [...]

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