Healing Magic with Sheila Wach

Sheila Wach is with us today. Sheila is a changemaker and transformational leader. She is an Empowering Teacher, Addiction & Consciousness Educator, Certified Master Addictions Coach and an accomplished international entrepreneur. She is also a teacher of fearlessness, motivational speaker and spiritual wayshower. She is the founder of International Addiction Services and Infinite Vida. Sheila lives here in Costa Rica and we have known each other for more than a decade. After hearing her incredible story in our home twelve step group, I had to have her on the show. Get ready to dive deep into consciousness, spirituality, and healing magic! We SHAIR our stories every Tuesday so subscribe to […]

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Purified by Fire with Jeannine Wise

Jeannine Wise is with us today on The SHAIR Podcast. SHAIR was one of the first resources Jeannine found when she was trying to get traction in early  sobriety. She is our first guest from Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist-inspired recovery pathway. For those having problems connecting with traditional rehab or twelve step programs, the Refuge Recovery is an option that may resonate with you. Jeannine shares the incredible insights she’s learned during her two years of sobriety. She reveals how her addiction was like being purified by fire, and how she transcended her pain to grow into the person she was meant to be. Refuge Recovery RefugeRecovery.Org Refuge Recovery Online […]

You Don’t Have To… with Sara McGee

OK folks today for our 200th episode we have Sara McGee joining us on The SHAIR Podcast. Sara is one of my dear friends.  She’s an active member in the SRC and the SHAIR Sobriety Network. Sara is a born leader who has just celebrated 2 years of sobriety and has an incredibly strong foundation of recovery that touches every aspect of her life.  I’m honored to have her on the show. Sara was a hardcore blackout drinker from the beginning. She felt everyone knew how life worked except her. Normal people seemed to have a sense of peace she couldn’t find. So she pretended to have it together. She […]

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Celebrate Recovery with Tracy Winchell

OK folks, today we have Tracy Winchell joining us on The SHAIR Podcast. Tracy is the host of Reboots Podcast which features stories about people who have been forced to start over, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul and grit. A little bit about Tracy: 5 years in recovery over unresolved grief and struggling with perfectionism. She works the 12 steps through Celebrate Recovery. She’s on the leadership team for two recovery programs in Western Arkansas. Her recovery journey inspired Reboots Podcast. What she’s learned from people sharing their reboots stories. Her recovery story. [bctt tweet=”‘It’s so important to de-stigmatize recovery […]

The Recovery Bubble with Mat Docherty

Mat Docherty is a long-time listener and prevalent in the SHAIR recovery network. He’s just a common bloke with a common addiction and was inspired by one of our previous guests, Sam Mooney, another regular guy who shared his story. Mat hopes that by sharing his own experience, he can inspire someone too. His journey to recovery from alcoholism is not the typical one. He didn’t hit a rock bottom. He didn’t go to AA meetings. His recovery began by listening to podcasts like SHAIR! Learn how he finally stopped drinking and is thriving in life using fitness, spirituality, and recovery resources online. CLEAN DATE: APRIL 25TH, 2016 Listen to […]

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SHAIR 187: Dave talks about Chris

Today we have a very heavy and heartfelt episode with Dave from Dopey Podcast. His cohost Chris recently passed away after a tragic relapse and overdose. Many of our listeners reached out and wanted to know what happened. We’re so grateful for Dave to join us to discuss Chris’s death and the future of Dopey Podcast with our recovery family across the world. Listen to Chris’s Story Here are a few highlights from our interview. To get the full story please join us on the podcast now! Dave says Chris was one the smartest people he ever met. This was one of the gifts that lead to his downfall. Chris […]

SHAIR 183: The Record Collector with Shane Watson

Shane Watson is a writer, Youtuber and prevention specialist. He speaks to kids and adults about substance use for an organization called Not My Kid. It’s a nonprofit that educates students not only about addiction, but also unhealthy relationships, depression, self-injury, bullying, and suicide.  His blog is called the Silver Ladder and he has an unbelievable story of addiction and recovery. Here is a glimpse of his experience. If being regularly jolted awake by the tormented screams of inmates in neighboring cells wasn’t bad enough, there was the fact that I was sharing a cell made for a single inmate with three other people. We were crowded four-deep in a […]

SHAIR 181: The Victim Suit with Denise W.

Denise and I met 5 years ago when she was a patient at Costa Rica Recovery. We saw each other in passing at the AA and NA meetings. And when she finished her treatment, she went back to the United States. She recently returned to Costa Rica to share her story on the anniversary of her 5th year in sobriety. It impacted me so much, I asked her if she would be willing to share her story on the podcast and here we are. Denise has an intense past full of childhood trauma and abuse, self-loathing, and racism that developed into full-blown alcoholism and a long pattern of destructive relationships. […]

SHAIR 177: The Warrior Within with Sarah Mabry

Sarah Mabry is the wife of our former guest, John Mabry (SHAIR 165). John has been sober for two and a half years and now hosts the High Sobriety Podcast, but before he got clean, his addiction put Sarah and his kids through unimaginable emotional destruction. This is Sarah’s first podcast. For the first time she gets to share her story out loud. Sarah is not a recovering addict or alcoholic, but drugs and alcohol still took her over her life. She is here to talk about what it was like being the wife of an addict and what it is like now living with a spouse who is in […]

SHAIR 176: Against the Odds with Christopher Velona

  Today we have Christopher Velona on the show. He is a sober father, philanthropist, CBD advocate, and Gene Therapy enthusiast, and Founder Project Sebastian. Project Sebastian is a charity that is racing for a cure to Batten Disease, a fatal and degenerative neurological disorder that is taking his son’s life bit by bit each day. Chris is a grateful recovering alcoholic. He grew up in a wealthy family in California and fell into heavy drinking early on in life. He was able to skirt the consequences because he was well-connected. The party did not stop until he destroyed all his relationships and his parents disowned him. Finally, he knew […]

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