What if you knew that not only are you capable of creating your own happiness, but also that you deserve it?

Today’s guest says we are destined to be happy if we get out of our own way. This is possible if we live for the will of our spiritual higher power instead of for the approval of others.

Jacob Evans is an admission coordinator for Treehouse Recovery, which has developed a cutting-edge recovery model called the “True Bio-Psycho-Social” program. He is also a Life Coach and the first-time father of a 3-month-old girl.

Jacob always felt a constant need for approval and a sense of accomplishment. He was an overachiever who didn’t know how to slow down … until he discovered Percocet.

He tried to get clean, but nothing gave him the tools for lasting sobriety until he found Treehouse Recovery. Since then he has cultivated his own personal spirituality that informs everything he does in his new, amazing life.

Listen to the story of his transformation!

About Jacob Evans

Jacob Evans is a professional coach, recovery coach, admissions counselor and has his drug and alcohol counselor education. Jacob has an entrepreneurial mindset and lends his talents to the place that saved his life Tree House Recovery.

Jacob studied law at WVU College of Law, receiving honors such as Student Body Vice President, Student Governor, Academic Advisor, serving as Chairman of the Board of Governors, Outstanding delegate three times over for the National Model United Nations conferences, just to name a few. He graduated with honors from WVU with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy for his undergrad.

During Jacob’s second year in law school he decided he needed to revamp his life and give up all substances and life practices that were not serving him. This journey was a tenuous one, but now he has found his passion for helping others prepare for everything.

Jacob uses his intimate knowledge of substance abuse, personal development strategies, life skills, and unique interventions to assist others in any facet of life they wish to improve upon. Jacob has helped individuals and their families combat addictions and other life struggles for 3 years. Jacob provides the guiding hand and structural framework that will result in anyone taking hold of their lives and becoming their truest selves.

It’s not my way, it’s God’s way.

About Treehouse Recovery

The reason most rehabs are ineffective is because they only attempt to treat the psychology of addiction, and talk therapy is not enough. Addiction is a very complex condition and we believe that treatment has to be as sophisticated as the patients we treat. That is why Tree House has developed a “True Bio-Psycho-Social” program.  Our rehab is the only in the world that provides holistic recovery for the biology and social aspects of addiction. And our adaptive approach psychology is different than anything out there.

Free from addiction, Tree House graduates lead lives that they love. Lives that make their friends and families proud. Lives beyond sober. Lives without limits. Because we believe that simply removing substances is not enough, we equip clients with the skills and knowledge needed to live lasting, healthy, fulfilling lives. The empowered man who graduates our program has very little in common with the man who arrived on day one.

Jacob Evans


Email: Jacob.e@hopeguides.com

Treehouse Recovery


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