Take the SRC 30-Day Challenge!

Getting Sober is the easy part! Staying sober is the real challenge.  Why is that?

The reason it is so hard to stay sober is because of one thing, you try to do it alone.  How many of you reading this right now have tried to diet alone, exercise alone, take classes online alone, and how many of you quit weeks or even days after you started?

So why did you quit?  Because there is no cheering section.  Imagine accomplishing a milestone in ANYTHING, doing a fist pumping YES, only to look around and hear crickets…when there is no one there to cheer us on the impact is dismal at best.

Once you realize there is no one there to cheer you on you quickly realize there also no one there to hold you accountable either!  When that subconscious realization finally kicks in the time clock starts and it’s only a matter of time before those famous words come out of your mouth…

I quit!

The worst part is you’re literally all by myself when you say the words out loud.  No one to listen, no one to care!

But wait, don’t lose hope yet…there is a solution!

The SHAIR Recovery Community

Because believe it or not Sobriety is Awesome!  In 30-Days our mission in is to help you change your relationship with sobriety and transform your life.

Take the 30-Day SRC challenge today!

The 30-Day Challenge is $1 and then it’s only $12 a month after that!!

The Challenge Includes:

Fun Daily Activities
Support and Accountability
Live In Person Community Calls
Recovery Coaching
A Monthly Challenge
Connecting with other Members

How do I attend The SRC community calls?

All community calls are attended online using ZOOM.

To access the ZOOM community calls you can use your smartphone, iPhone or Android, Laptop, PC, MAC or Tablet.  Click Here to JOIN NOW


Why not us?  We are a loving, supportive, positive group of individuals that will never judge you.  It’s not about the number of days you have in sobriety it’s about how we can help you become the best version of yourself.

It’s about finding happiness, fulfilment and joy in your life again.  It’s about changing your relationship with sobriety and transforming your life.  The only way to do that is to surround yourself with like minded individuals and have fun in the process.

In The SRC we have one objective, to make to Sobriety fun and inclusive to anyone that wants to stop drinking.

Recovery can be fun and easy when you remove the barriers preventing them from developing meaningful relationships with others in sobriety.  In the SRC sobriety is awesome, take the 30-Day challenge and find out just how awesome it can be. Click Here to JOIN NOW

What if I change my mind?

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your membership at any time.

You can cancel your membership at any time. We charge month to month. We use PayPal as our payment solution and you can go into your dashboard at any time to cancel. Or feel free to email to cancel. Please let us know why you have decided to cancel so we can make improvements if need be.




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