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The SRC is a private membership community on Facebook that provides you with the resources you need to
Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle.

Enjoy the SRC for ONLY $12 per Month!

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Feel Better Now!

Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Enjoy the SRC for ONLY $12 per Month!



What’s unique about the SHAIR Online Community is that we focus on why you drink rather than how you drink.  People drink primarily to soothe themselves and feel better.  Unless they can release the negative thoughts and emotional distress they will eventually go back to drinking.

In The SRC we focus on the solution and not the problem.

The best way to do that is to surround you with likeminded individuals who are already living the alcohol-free lifestyle and having fun in the process.  We’ll help you develop new habits and new coping skills that will allow you to Feel Better Now!

Make New Friends

In The SRC you will meet members from around the world who are there to support you, guide you and help you stay accountable.  Because members are from all over the world in the group you can count on support 24/7.  Join the group, get connected, and Feel Better Now!

Get Connected Instantly

In today’s world of technology, it easier than ever to connect with others from anywhere the world.  You can access the SRC private Facebook group and community calls using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad.  Having 24/7 instant access to the group will allow you to Feel Better no matter where you are in the world.

Feel Better Now!

Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Enjoy the SRC for ONLY $12 per Month!



Omar is AMAZING! (to say the least).

It was particularly impressive how, since our first session, he not only managed to pin-point my underlying issue, but also managed to make me feel empowered, which was something I had been lacking for a while.

I’ll always be thankful for the fact that he taught me that I was entitled to be pissed-off sometimes, and that that was OK!

Not having to always be the “bigger person” or having to “go with the flow” of others is REALLY LIBERATING, and I truly believe it was the first step in my path to SELF-LOVE.



I heard Omar on a podcast and was immediately drawn to his energy and direct approach, as well as his training in Neuro–Linguistic Programming. In our first consultation, I felt like he saw into my soul. I felt vulnerable and exposed—but also incredibly safe with him. He doesn’t sugar coat it and he calls you on your BS in the best possible way.

He opened me up and made me face myself and realize that the thing that I thought was holding me back was not the actual thing holding me back. He helped me to explore aspects of myself that I didn’t have the courage to face—because I wasn’t ready to deal with the disruption that change would cause to my life. He helped me to see myself through his eyes and gave me the power to face the things that needed to change and I would never have gotten to this place without him.

I am stronger, more confident, joyful and at peace. I am ready to launch my new business and welcome what the universe has coming to me. I cannot say enough good things about Omar nor recommend him more highly. I have had other therapists, coaches, etc and none can compare. He is simply the best and I will forever be grateful for his sage advice.

Gina Paolini

I have known Omar Pinto for many years from various activities we share while I was living in Costa Rica.  A few months ago it became clear to me and to my wife, that I needed some a personal development coach in various areas of my life.  I live a very busy life that includes a lot of hours at work and multiple long business hours.  It was time to prioritize the core values of my life in order to get back to the successful road I have had and that I wanted for the rest of my professional years.

I contacted Omar and he answered back immediately; this was the kind of reply I was looking for and needed. We scheduled various Skype meetings and spent various sessions exploring areas of my life that eventually were the genesis of some of my uncomfortable feelings.  Omar helped me to detect unresolved issues that I did not know existed and furthermore, guide me to resolve unsettled emotional states that needed to be reconciled.  It was an amazing and gratifying journey that resulted in a better me with myself, a better me with my wife and sons and a better me at work.

At the end, it was clear to me that I needed this type of coaching if I wanted to continue my journey in a more satisfying mode.  I needed advice from someone I was able to trust and had lived similar experiences in the past, that fully understood the meaning and antidote for fear, shame and guilt; in summary someone that understood and was able to share with me the fact that all of this was not unique, that I was not unique, that we are many and that there is a solution.

Adriano Arguedas

The recovery coaching journey with Omar has been amazing.  I can’t believe I’ve only known him for eight weeks it feels much longer. I have never opened up to anyone like I was able to with Omar. He made it so comfortable and painless. What an incredible feeling letting go of the past. His love and compassion have made all this possible, it got me through an incredibly difficult time and has prepared me for what is to come.

“I will be forever grateful for God putting you into my life. Since shortly after we started working together, I am the happiest I have ever been consistently. My future looks so bright and I don’t even know what I plan on doing, other than working on just being.  I consider you a great friend, mentor, and recovery coach.

Thank you for being you!”

James Moulison

Explore the Alcohol – Free Lifestyle

There was a time in all our lives when we did not drink alcohol, that’s a fact. We slept soundly, ate regularly, played outdoors and exercised.  Do you remember those times? Imagine feeling that way again?
In just 30 days these are some of the amazing results you can expect.

Save Money

Imagine going through your credit card statement and adding up all you liquor store receipts, bar tabs and restaurant bills.  Now take that amount and multiply that by 12.  This is how much money you could be saving.  For many of us this is easily a down payment for a new car or fabulous trip.

Sleep Better

Drinking yourself into a black may seem like the best way to get quality sleep but it most definitely is not.  All the proof you need is available to you when you wake up. Ask yourself when was the last time you woke up from a night of heavy drinking and felt refreshed, energized and well rested?

Improved Overall Health

There is no question about it, after 30-Days of not drinking you will reap all these benefits and more.  Now image multiplying those benefits by 12 and you will have your most productive year ever.  How many people do you know that said to you, “I quit drinking and my life has become completely unmanageable, it’s the worst decision I have ever made.”  Take the 30-Day Feel Better challenge and let us help you have the best year ever.

Improved Concentration

How many of you have quit everything you started except drinking alcohol?  Big dreams and big plans result in nothing except big talk.  When you quit drinking your ability to concentrate and be truly productive goes through the roof.  People around you will notice that you are now a doer instead of a talker.

More Energy

Imagine getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast in the morning that does not include a chaser.  Now imagine doing that for 30 Days in a row, yup you guessed it your energy level is going to go through the roof.  Now you can take on new hobbies, get back to the gym, start doing yoga, the list is endless when you stop drinking.

Lose Weight

When you are a heavy drinker you look bloated, puffy and smell of alcohol most of the time.  Within 30 days your skin looks healthier, you lose the redness, the inflammation comes down and for many there is substantial weight loss, it’s win/win across the board!

Feel Better Now!

Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Enjoy the SRC for ONLY $12 per Month!