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One of the biggest things we can do to create resentments is to have expectations. The most common individuals that we place expectations on are our loved ones and family members. We often idealize, hope for, or expect our family members to act in a way in which they are incapable of doing. Even if we have seen that they are unable to meet our expectations, we still have them. These types of false expectations only cause us harm. Once we release our expectations and see the relationship with clarity, we can begin to achieve emotional freedom from the attachment.

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Omar helps Julia and Jo Anna process their relationships with their parents. Both of them maintain false expectations of their parents, which has only ended up hurting themselves. Today, Omar helps identify the emotional trauma that the expectations are rooted in and walks them through how to release the expectations and achieve a healthier mindset surrounding their attachments to their parents.

Listen in to learn how to learn more on how false expectations cause resentments and the way in which we let go of those expectations.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [0:15] Jo Anna discusses the issues she has had with her father and the situation that just occurred with him this morning.
  • [5:08] Omar asks Jo Anna why her father declining her offer upsets her.
  • [8:19] Omar helps Jo Anna identify her feelings.
  • [14:58] Why Jo Anna sets unrealistic expectations surrounding her relationship with her father.
  • [23:46] How creating awareness can help us accept the reality of a situation and end our unrealistic expectations.
  • [33:30] Alex discusses his new journey back into sobriety and how he relates to Jo Anna.
  • [37:40] Julia discusses how she also relates to Jo Anna and the practices she has put into place to deal with her childhood trauma.
  • [40:50] The blame that Julia puts onto herself, the root cause for why she feels that way, and the solution of self-love.
  • [53:35] Omar helps Julia see the reality of her mother’s alcoholism.
  • [58:43] Julia learns that in order to find peace she must go through the process of accepting, feeling,and releasing the anger.
  • [1:00:38] The group shares their final thoughts and words of encouragement.

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