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Substance abuse is often used as a coping mechanism. Addiction distracts and numbs painful emotions that we experience in life. Unfortunately, addiction is not a long-term solution for distressing emotions. Replacing unhealthy coping skills with healthy coping skills is one of the most important skills that should be learned in early recovery.

In this episode of Omar Pinto Coaching, Omar explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping skills. He explains the importance of finding realistic solutions in order to process distressing emotions. The group and Omar walk through the coping skills that can be used in different difficult scenarios. 

Listen in to learn how to process and cope with difficult emotions in a healthy and sustainable way. 

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • [2:27] Eric questions what the best coping skills are in order to replace substance abuse.
  • [6:28] Omar and Eric discuss the grieving process and how to process through grief with healthy coping skills.
  • [12:54] How staying overly busy can be an unhealthy coping skill that allows us to avoid processing our emotions.
  • [21:11] Omar walks Samantha through a grounding meditation.
  • [32:33] Coping skills in order to deal with overwhelment.
  • [34:53] Samantha gives her new perspective on excitement and fear now that she has processed through her emotions.
  • [39:19] Ted shares the conversations that he has been having with a woman who is currently in active addiction and how overwhelming it is.
  • [46:22] Patrick discusses the fact that we are unable to fix others and the importance of processing our own emotions.
  • [47:42] Omar shares his final thoughts and words of encouragement and wisdom with the group.

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