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This is the Recovery Revolution!

Going Supersonic with Austin Linney

Today we have my good friend Austin Linney joining us. Austin lives in San Antonio, Texas and is married to the love of his life for ten years. He is a real estate investor with three properties and five Airbnbs. Austin is part owner of Kaizen Accommodations, an executive short-term rental company with properties across the USA. Austin has been in the service industry for 19+ years. Hospitality is something he truly was born to do. Serving and helping people is a calling that fills his heart with great joy. Listen to his battle with drugs and alcohol as well as overcoming paralyzing, self-limiting beliefs that were holding him [...]

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100 Days in Mexico with Melanie Williams

Melanie Williams is an adventure blogger who posts audio and blog versions of her experiences entitled A Hundred Days in Mexico. From a comfy corporate job, to owning a yoga studio, Melanie's life is now all about surfing and writing. She shares her past pain and how following her heart's desire lead to a life of self-acceptance and joy.   Here’s a summary of what you can expect!   What was supposed to be a vacation in a resort town, turned into a journey from which I have not yet returned. What I have encountered on the road is changing my life forever. Run-ins with the cartel, waves [...]

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